I'm Justine

Very little in my life has gone as I thought it would – what I am doing, where I am living, who I am with and how I experience life. By staying open and curious, life has been full of surprises. I am going to take you through my journey of the various 180’s that have happened in my life.

I used to place little regard on emotions and got annoyed when logic and practicality were missing from the picture. At one point, I felt like something was missing from my life and was crying to my partner about not being in touch with my emotions (yes, a bit of an oxymoron). He put his problem solving and geeky talents to use and googled: ‘How to feel your emotions.’ This was long before emotions were the crazed topic, so there wasn’t a plethora of information out there. However, google got me started on my journey and it’s been a deepening every year into my connection, respect and gratitude for emotions. If you know my work, you know the value that I place on emotions and their importance in everything that we do.

Another drastic shift was leaving behind my tom boy ways. In my early years, I was in constant competition with the guys: climbing higher, hiking faster, carrying more, biking further, playing better, etc. I had a lot of pride around being a strong woman. Only at some point, I realized I was strong in my masculine and held little regard for my feminine.

I was fighting for equality in the body of a woman, but I myself was placing little value on the feminine. 

It took me a couple of years to digest this realization, until I got to a place where I actually embraced my femininity and enjoyed the play between the masculine and feminine. I never would have guessed that I would be teaching and coaching about this topic, but now, it is one of the things that I am most passionate about and thoroughly enjoy supporting women to climb to the top in their skirts.

Many of my clients are women who are successful entrepreneurs or who have climbed the corporate ladder and are seeking support to stay connected to their feminine at work and in their relationships.

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Similar to the realization I had around emotions, sexuality was something I used to have little regard for. I was a virgin until after I graduated from university (quite the anomaly) and years later I had fallen into the role of teachings hundreds of people about conscious sexuality and relationships and even running Tantra teacher trainings. My childhood friends still haven’t fully comprehended how this happened. My journey has showed me how our sexuality is intimately connected with the rest of us.

I experienced for myself how having blocked sensuality can result in blocked creativity, radiance, energy, clarity and much more. And this is why it is an essential part in my month-long program – The Intimate Transformation Intensive.

Another shift was around the direction of my life’s purpose. In my early 20’s I worked at a battered women’s shelter, wilderness therapy for teens, and a juvenile detention center and thought I would spend my life as a social worker. While I knew I made a difference in those jobs, at some point I realized that if I wanted to really facilitate lasting transformation in others, I had to first get to know the depths of my own psyche, do my own healing, and shift my own consciousness

I spent many years traveling, working, volunteering, and at that point, my outer explorations shifted inwards. I went into in depth studies of yoga and meditation and attended at least one 10-day silent meditation retreat every year since 2008. I attended various different workshops and had sessions with therapist/facilitators/coaches to help me to navigate my blind spots and go deeper into myself.

My journey is far from over, however, I have designed a month-long retreat to share the most effective tools and insights that I have learned throughout the years.

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My life has had its peaks and valleys. I have made my way through feeling not good enough, trying to be someone I’m not, body image issues, constantly confronting imposture syndrome, over giving and not receiving, trying to do it all, and functioning at 120% most of the time.

I now focus on maintaining balance, pausing and breathing, having compassion for self and others, and to keep on going at the risk of failure and rejection.

My journey through health and wellness, psychology, personal development, and spirituality has naturally unfolded into a coaching practice, running workshops and retreats.

My approach is one of integration, accountability and empowerment, as this is where I’ve found the greatest transformations and fulfillment.

” My life experiences have been the true education and the source of profound lessons. ”

But if you are curious, here are some of the more formal certifications and achievements I gathered along the way:

– Degree in Psychology and Sociology 2003
– Certified Yoga teacher 2006
– Certified Tantric sexuality teacher 2008
– Certified Hridaya meditation teacher 2010
– Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie 2014
– Founder of Intimate Transformation Intensive 2015
– Certified coach under Dr. John Gray 2017
– Facilitator of psychodrama 2019
– Compassionate Inquiry 2020
– Shadow Family Constellation 2020

"When you meet the pain of the past and fear of the future with acceptance, you can arrive to the peace of the present moment. "

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Do you want to live a more conscious and connected life?