Bring out the best in your man.



Are you frustrated with your man….

Do you walk into the room and he doesn’t appear to notice you. 

When you give a little bit of feedback he gets defensive and withdraws.

He’s slacking on taking initiative and you feel like you’re constantly begging him to help out. 

He’s not very open and you feel like you have to pulls things out of him for a little bit of connection. 

Does it feels like you have turned into roommates,
rather than soulmates.

You've tried....

Don't give up yet!

You can have the closeness, intimacy, and connection that you are longing for.

When you understand how your man works, you will be able to reach him and get him to open up and step up.

You don’t need to wait for him to change!

I'm going to show you how to get your power back!

You don’t have to accept your relationship as it is.


If you leave this relationship without doing what you can to make it better, you are likely to walk right into the same problems in your next relationship.


You have the ability to completely shift your relationship dynamic and heal old patterns and wounds along the way

I’ve had many women come to me over the last 15 years with serious doubts about their relationship and ready to file for a divorce, or they had just broken up. 

After applying what you will learn in this course things started to shift. The discord and disconnect transformed. They went from thinking their relationship was doomed, to having the relationship that was the envy of their friends and they were being asked how they did it.

This can be you!

It doesn’t matter how bad it is or how far along in your relationship you are. You can bring back the magic.

This is for you if...

This isn't for you if...


Bring out the best in your man.


1. Video lessons

This knowledge will show you how to bring out the best in your man. You'll learn what to stop doing and what to start doing instead. By applying these 7 relationship codes alone, your relationship can improve drastically.

2. Practices for implementation

Each video lesson contains journal prompts to assist with your integration and embodiment of these teachings. These journal prompts help bring things to your conscious awareness and create shifts within you on a deeper level than just your mental knowing.

3. Guided Meditations

You receive guided meditations to support you in applying and embodying the teachings of this course. These guided mediation will help you shift your internal experience and to call forth the relationship you desire.

4. Course papers

The course papers help you to easily go back and reference everything you’ve learned in the video lessons and practices. The videos are packed full on information and the course papers help you to retain all of it.

+ Q&A

For limited time, I am providing a space for you to ask questions. Usually you need to join Adored to have this kind of access to me.

+ Exclusive Invite

When you buy "Bring out the best in your man" today you will get an exclusive invitation to join my flagship program "Adored" for a discounted price. If you decide to continue your journey and go deeper, you'll get this investment of $249 back when purchasing Adored. This course is module 1 in Adored.

Bring out the best in your man

Self-Paced Course
  • 7 video lessons
  • Practice for implementation
  • Guided meditation
  • Course papers
  • Q&A
  • Exclusive Invitation

"I've had huge aha-moments with every video. The biggest insight is how it all comes down to my belief and fear of not being good enough." - Fanny

“The shifts that I have made from this course have changed a lot of things in my relationship already. I have made shifts in how I can improve our relationship, and my partner is already responding and shifting his ways as well. I have shifted how I communicate and relate to him, how I manage my emotions, and started to look deeper inside of myself to see what’s really going on within me. There are so many actionable steps from this course that I was able to easily apply instantly and I can’t believe how much our relationship has improved in such a short period of time. I went on to do the full Adored program and it exceeded my expectations by far and has completely transformed my life and relationship.” 

"This course really helped to shine a light on the ways that I DON'T show up as a kind, loving, understanding partner..." - Jasmin

“Prior to this course I was engaging with my partner through behaviours that resulted in disconnection and the emasculation of my partner. I’m realizing that the primary way of relating I was shown as a child heavily involves all of the behaviors Justine brought to light: expecting, controlling, complaining, shutting down his sharing. This has been my template for how the feminine relates to the masculine in the modern world. I have seen it not only in my own family, but in girlfriends’ relationships, on TV, in media, all over…

My previous response to the societal disconnection and resentment between men and women had always been to blame men—they’re selfish, their sexuality is humiliating to women, they’re emotionally inept. So many stories. I never stopped to look at the ways that women contribute to this disconnect. As I said in our call, this has been enormously humbling, but also empowering, because now that I realize my part, I can change my part.

Looking back, my partner has pointed out all of these behaviors over the past couple years very clearly, but I never could hear it out of his mouth. There is something really powerful about having another woman hold a mirror up to me. I am much more receptive and open to changing now. Thank you, Justine!”

"I have gotten a deeper understanding of how my own stress and insecurities affect my relationship and this new awareness feels empowering." - Emma

“This course has opened my eyes to the ways in which my actions have emasculated my partner. I have gotten a deeper understanding of how my own stress and insecurities affect my relationship and this new awareness feels empowering, like now I have a way to get out of the bad patterns I’ve been stuck in.”

"This course really inspired me to see and understand my partner’s perspective." - Jenny

“I now check in where my partner is at and what he needs, before I impose my wants, needs and desire upon him. This course also gave me perspective on how to express all my big emotions in a way that my partner can handle and hold. In the past I would default into recklessly saying words, and now I know to get in touch with the core issue. I also learned to set an intention for connection before entering into a difficult discussion with my partner.”

"We were really struggling with our communication. Now I know how to access my softer feminine side!" - Ashley

I definitely seen a huge, huge improvement in my relationship after going through Adored in  how my partner and I communicate. I didn’t realise how much I was in my masculine in how I communicated and related to my husband. After the first module (How to bring out the best in your man course) my husband was asking me what’s changed and he noticed a big difference in me and already my relationship had started to transform. So highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to find peace within themselves and also to effectively communicate with their partner and just learn about the dynamics of a healthy relationship


I get this concern; I’ve heard it many times. Truth is, women are more into personal development than men. However, I know from my personal experience and from working with my clients, when you change, he’ll change. One of my client’s shares how this was exactly what she experienced, you can find her story here.

I have witnessed the power of women doing their work and the impact it has had on the men so many times. In fact, I’ve had SEVERAL husbands sign up for coaching with me after witnessing the transformation in their wives, and these were men who had never done coaching or personal development before.

This is also why I have added 2 Q&A’s for your men at the end and end of Adored. This is one of the components that makes Adored different from other programs. And if they are interested in learning how they can improve the relationship, they can sign up for Lead Your Love

You have m
ore power to shift the nature of your relationship than you may realize you have. And through Adored, you are going to learn how to take that power back that you have given away to tolerating, compromising and hopelessness. You don’t need to settle for mediocrity; you can have your ideal relationship! 

To help you to see how powerful and impactful it is when you focus on doing your work, here’s one of my client’s experiences:

Justine told me that if I put energy and effort into the relationship, my partner will respond. She said that he didn’t need to work on himself, if he didn’t feel inclined to, and that he would be transformed by the work that I do. 

And every bit of that has proven to be true. My husband and I have grown together over the course of the work that I have done on myself with Justine. 

She has helped me to be more content, grounded, self-aware. And as a result, my husband shows up in the relationship in a different way, as a better and more enhanced version of himself. He is more grounded, happy and content as a result of the coaching that I have done with Justine. It’s powerful and has been a thoroughly transformative experience. 

My husband tells me more than once a week how he’s so impressed and proud with the work that I’ve done on myself. He says he’s never been more in love with me. And that coaching is the best money we have ever spent.

I have countless stories just like this one. Lot can happen when you shift your focus from what he should do, to what you can do. 

When your relationship becomes more harmonious and more fulfilling, you and your partner are likely going to start making more money.

The tool you learn in Adored, will not only change your relationship, they will change any aspects of your life and how you relate to people in general. 

Also, when you compare all that you are receiving to what I have invested in gaining this knowledge, you are saving a lot of money, and time.
Over the last 20 years, I have invested over $75,000 in trainings, coaches, courses, books, etc. You are getting all of that distilled down into the core essence that is going to have the biggest impact. In addition to my studies, you also receive the wisdom that I have gained from over 15 years of helping thousands of people and my personal experience from two long terms relationships.

During Adored, you have the ability to ask me questions and receive coaching, which is something that usually only my clients get. 

Several of my clients and Adored participants have expressed how they’ve had therapists in the past or have done couple’s counseling that didn’t really create lasting change. But through the work they did with me, they were able to experience lasting transformation. My practical approach that prioritizes integration supports you to make significant shifts in your life.

Receiving guidance from an expert saves you a lot of time and money. You don’t have to figure this out on your own. I am going to help you identify and integrate parts of yourself that are in your unconscious – such as those childhood wounds that get projected on your partner. 

Here’s what my clients share about having someone support them:

 “I was in a place where I felt like I really needed time with a coach to help me see where I went wrong since I had tried a lot already. I had done a lot of self-study when it came to relationships with minimal success (Tony Robbins relationship program, Gottman, NVC, Byron Katie and more).- Natalie

“I had read a lot of self-help books and took courses, but working with someone 1:1 helped me to get to the deeper layers. Justine is really good at getting to the root problem, the one that is actually able to make the biggest impact. I highly recommend working with her for anyone who wants to take their self-development to the next level and wants to be challenged. She is no bullshit. She gets straight to the point. I feel really empowered to handle situations that before I would have run away from or fought. Now I am able to sit with it on my own and process it, rather than project things onto my partner and the people around me.” -Nik

You will learn things in this course that will help you to clear the past, change old patterns, and have a great start in your next relationship. 

You have lifetime access to the videos. 


If we haven't met yet, here's a little about me.

Justine Baruch is a coach and speaker who has helped thousands of people claim the exceptional in love & life over the last two decades through her retreats, group programs, and private coaching. 

Men and women, singles and couples, seek Justine’s guidance to learn what they can do differently to have the quality of partnership they are yearning for. She helps men and women to understand themselves and each other so that they can move past their triggers and hurt and into love, understanding, and acceptance. 

Justine helps people to see their unhealthy patterns and blind spots and shift them into more healthy, compassionate, and accountable ways of relating. She offers a unique approach to modern psychology, embodiment, masculine-feminine dynamics, and attachment style theory with an emphasis on integration that shifts through the confusion about what it takes to find deep fulfillment in modern relationships.


Take action on creating the quality of relationship that you want now

When your relationship is bad, it makes everything else in life harder. When it’s good, you feel like superwoman and can do it all. Stop wasting time waiting for your relationship to get better. Stop wasting time waiting for your relationship to get better and take action on creating the quality of relationship that you want now.

It doesn’t matter how bad it is or how long you have been together, you have the ability to make things better. As you lean into what you can do to shift your relationship, you will learn so much about yourself. A lot of people get stuck on the surface and don’t dig deeper into what the problem really is.