Conscious Relating

Enhance the depth and connection in your communcation

Communicate with more authenticity, vulnerability, and connection in your relationship


Not feeling heard and understood?

Frustrated by the different temperaments in your relationship?

Feeling attacked or criticized and that a lot of what you do is wrong?

Wanting more depth and sincerity in your interactions?

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Benfeita, Portugal

July 25th

do you wish she would:

• Just trust you

• Stop trying to improve you all the time

• Give you some time and space on your own to rest

• Skip all the details and just get to the point when she is talking

do you wish he would:

• Listen attentively and be involved in the conversation

• Express his love for you more

• Empathize with what you are feeling instead of trying to fit you

• Spend more time connecting and not just rush into sex

Learn how to navigate smoothly through defensiveness and conflicting circumstances


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Couple and singles are welcome.  Anyone who wants more presence, intimacy, and openness into their relationship and love making. 

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Registration at 9:30am
Sat: 10 am – 8pm
90 min lunch break
We will end between 7-8pm

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An open mind and an open heart. And bring some paper and a pen to note down what inspires you and you want to keep alive inside of you. 


Amy is the organizer for this event. Please contact her at with any questions about logistics and to register. 


• Learn to communicate vulnerably and foster intimacy, empathy and support, even in confrontational moments.
• Overcome defensiveness, yours and people’s.
• Lovingly handle expectations, complaints, and blaming in a way that brings understanding and connection, without leaving you feeling like a doormat.
• Gain tools for how to fight in a loving and connected way
• Understand the differences between the masculine and feminine


vanny and john

John: "The help Justine gave me and my girlfriend was integral to our relationship in overcoming some big blind spots. We’ll be eternally grateful for her guidance. If anyone out there wants to take the next step in their relationship, and peel yet another layer away, this work with Justine…

John & Vanessa

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My partner and I had a great relationship, but it wasn't really in control. Sometimes we were really attracted to each other and sometimes not. Justine helped us to be conscious on how we want to live this relationship and where do we want to take it. I can say…

Tal-Shahar Marzuk Youth Guide, 26

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Much of the knowledge we’ve learnt through her workshops has meant a lot of self-reflection to us, and many changes in our way of seeing sex and relationships. She has widened our perspective big time. During the workshops we felt many things, sometimes they can be challenging, but then it…

Gaby & Paolo Vipassana Tuscany Center


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