Exploring Your Sexuality

- Women Only -

Discover the potential your body yearns for you to know


Stuck in your mind and can’t always stay with the pleasure?

Need to stimulate your clitoris to orgasm?

Wandering how you can open to deeper orgasms?

Struggle to ask for what you want?

Unsure of how to tell him what doesn’t work for you?

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Tel Aviv, Israel

May 25

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Much of a your radiance is connected to your sexuality. Come and learn how to open into your full sexual potential. It is a multi-layer process that works on every level of your being. In this mini workshop you will learn the “anatomy” of your sexuality, the various factors that influence a your sexual experience, and how mind, thoughts and feelings play a huge role in your ability to tap into pleasure and orgasm. 


I went from being a tom boy and virgin as a young adult to teaching about conscious sexuality and inspiring women to embrace their femininity. This contrast of my journey fuels what I was have to offer. After stumbling upon a Tantric community, I have redefined what it means to be a strong woman and transitioned to fully embracing my femininity. I have also come to recognize the power that rest in my sexual energy.

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Excited for this class and wish your partner or man friends could attend?

Tell them to check out the men’s only workshop


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To register, please email Adi at aditerem26@gmail.com. 

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The cost is 120 NIS (aprox $35)

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The workshop will be held at the Osho center.

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The workshop time is 19:00-22:30, please arrive at 18:45.


• Key component of a woman’s sexuality
• Different kinds of orgasms and how to find them
• Steps for you to open up to your full orgasmic potential
• How to connect with the body and increase sensitivity
• The difference between masculine and feminine sexuality
• How to communicate your needs
• The importance of trust and surrender

If you are interested to go deeper in exploring yourself and your sexuality, 

join us for our weekend retreat – Awakened Intimacy (May 28-30)


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From being in the army, femininity wasn’t my strength, and after working with Justine, I became more confident in my femininity. I wasn’t sure what it meant to be a woman. She helped me to remove my blockages and help me see the beauty in myself. Justine touches all the…

Analee Abergel Art Educator, 26


Since I was a very little girl love, sexuality, and femininity were very confusing taboo topics for me. I was looking for inspiration and guidance and found what I was look for when attending a retreat with Justine. Her open and honest way of sharing her own experience and imperfections…

Katharine Dyke Site Administrator, 37

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I visited various workshops held by Justine and I had the honour to get to know her. I appreciate her as a wonderful, authentic and sensitive teacher. Justine's teachings are captivating, clear, professional - and humorous. She draws from a pool of broad knowledge, which impressed me again and again.…

Susanne Ohneis Yoga Teacher, 54


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