Chris Z

Prior to my work with Justine, I was struggling with knowing how to listen to my inner voice, and trust that teachers and facilitators had my best interests in mind. Justine’s patience, gentle yet relentless determination, and care allowed me to feel comfortable, trust her process, and step into my power. Since working with Justine, I’ve been able to approach others with a more open heart from a place of seeing the good in people. Not just in hanging out with Yogis, but in taking this to my professional work environment. I’ve been able to better create a sense of team safety and cohesion, like Justine created for me. Justine pours every ounce of herself into her workshops. She can at the same time create a safe space to work and grow with the group, and also focus the individual attention I needed. I was amazed at how she conducted the process like an orchestra, only helping me or others open when we were ready, and to amazing results. I trust her process and would recommend her to anyone with great enthusiasm.I loved Justine’s ability to carefully plan the flow of how people would unfold in a workshop. It seemed so effortless, until I learned of her process. She’s aware of everything that goes on in her groups, and it’s almost like she has a special sensor for each of our hearts and minds. Justine would know how I was going to feel before I did, and she was more than ready to handle anything. That’s what made me feel safe enough to take huge emotional risks and go deep. If you’re on the fence about working with Justine, consider this: I did almost everything I could to tell her that I didn’t at first trust her or believe she really cared. Yet by the end of the process, not only did I feel her love and care, I’d go out of my way to tell everyone about how amazing her process is, and that if I, the toughest customer there is, could turn so fully to believing in Justine, then you should too. If you think or feel then Justine’s process isn’t for you, then you’re exactly the type of person that will benefit from her process. It’s definitely perfect for you.