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Evelien McGimpsey

I was ready to heal and go forward, but I didn’t know how. Justine helped me step into my shadows with love and acceptance to truly see my pain and how these aspects were once serving me by protecting me, but now were no longer needed. It was time for me to see these shadows, say thank you, and move forwards. I was ashamed of my behavior, and by being vulnerable and showing up, I felt empowered. Justine held the space with no judgments and guided me with compassion through the process of “The Work.” It helped me see different angles to the situation and not only see the bad aspects of it. I feel that I am taking the control of my life and my healing journey back. She gave tools and homework to continue to grow on my own and it really helps to take responsibilities for my own journey. I felt comfortable with her and I felt I could open like never before to the depth of the shame and to bring light and forgiveness to it with her help.