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Gaby & Paolo

Much of the knowledge we’ve learnt through her workshops has meant a lot of self-reflection to us, and many changes in our way of seeing sex and relationships. She has widened our perspective big time. During the workshops we felt many things, sometimes they can be challenging, but then it is when you know something is really moving inside. All the time Justine made herself available for questions with openness and kind disposition. In regards to our relationship, we both gained a lot of communication tools to be able to talk about anything more openly. Moreover, she made clear basic concepts that people usually overlook in normal relationships but that, nonetheless, can bring lots of issues. So getting acquainted with such important “details” as to how men and women function differently, and what to do to support each other in our differences, is really a game changer in the arena of relationships. We felt we really learned a lot, and after doing many workshops under Justine’s guidance, we got so much material that it keep us engaging in discussions about the topics months after the workshops were finished.