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Jason McArdle

When I first heard about Justine’s workshop, I was interested but also a little bit apprehensive and fearful. I have always had shame around my sexuality, but I wanted to go into it with an open mind. I decided to sign up. It was a fascinating experience. First thing I learned was that everyone has their own baggage they are carrying about their sexuality and different taboos or things they are afraid to even think about, let along experiment with. What I took away from it was having an opportunity to dive into my relationship with my sexuality. I got to see that other people out there were going through the same struggles. I got to have more confidence in myself and bring that confidence back to my relationship and have the ability to communicate about needs and desires. I stepped into testing my own comfort zone and really enjoying sexuality. I would recommend these workshops to anyone; anyone can get a take away from them. Especially if you feel like your sexuality is something you are struggling with or you are wanting to learn more about your relationship with your sexuality or your own psychology when it comes to these issues. Justine is second to none. She creates a beautiful environment for you to learn and grow. You come out on the other side with a whole new respect for this fundamental aspect of human nature.