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Meli Prem

The ITI was the most transformative course I have ever done in my life. It offered to me what I had been looking for in a lot of the self-development courses, but never found. I was looking for quick fixes, for my blocked sexuality, lack of desire and constantly feeling stress. I didn’t find the quick fix in the ITI, but I found the root cause of it all. By looking at myself and all my shadows, I found the unhealthy patterns in my life. I was able to find the feeling of I am not good enough with the support of the group and embrace all my shadows and not being perfect. For the first time in my life, I accepted and loved myself the way that I am with all my dark corner and edges. I finally was able to stop keeping myself busy all the time, and pushing myself. Instead, I learned to relax and just be and it is an amazing feeing. I am way more relaxed and satisfied with who I am, where I am, what I am doing. All of this had a huge impact on my sexuality. This personality work helped me to relax more and to stop worrying about being good enough, what I should do, what I should feel. Also, the rituals that we did in the ITI helped me to heal and use my sexual energy for my transformation. Another aspect I loved about the  ITI was being with the group and doing such intense work together. Everyone was a mirror for me, through their process, I learned so much about myself. Justine is an amazing facilitator. She is a perfect mix between being loving and supportive and also being honest and firm enough to not let us get away with our bullshit. It was perfect to transform, understand and grow.