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Polina Efremenko

It was so easy to do a session with Justine, although she could reach to some deep emotional conflicts to the surface which hurts.
Justine is very strong in being straight to the point, and at the same time very understanding and warm hearted, I didn’t feel any judgment from her. She can make you laugh during some emotional release which makes the whole process feel so much lighter and joyful, and to leave in an uplifted state. She is able to make the whole process very comfortable and harmonious, and to create a safe space for that.
When the session ends itself, her work doesn’t. Justine backed me up with a super detailed list of what we found out during our session, whith a homework, materials and sources that can help my process. She pays attention to all details, she didn’t even forget to recommend me a book for my mom’s disease. I find it very generous, not all coaches do that.
I highly recommend Justine as a very professional coach, smart, strong and kind at the same time, supportive and caring, generous and open minded.