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Rubina Elena

I wanted to join the ITI for a couple of years because I had seen the changes friends had gone through. I also knew Justine has many years of experience in the field and felt good to be in a process led by her. The preparation work leading up to the ITI allowed us to go dive straight in when the program began. My biggest take away was around authenticity, to be able to be in the world without all my masks. The container of the ITI really supported this process to start. It allowed me to look to all parts of my being with love and acceptance, including the not so nice parts of myself. The group played a big part in this by doing this kind of revealing work together. I felt very supported and held by the group. If you feel safe to show up and be real, then you can explore things that are uncomfortable. This process helped me to see my blind spots, things I was not even aware of. And I was able to hold all of this with love. If you want a program to explore yourself, especially the parts that you may be afraid to, do the ITI. And it isn’t all hard work, we had a lot of fun as well.