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Sonja Buijs

The ITI has been a life changing experience for me. Justine is so good in creating a safe container. With this small intimate group, I felt so accepted and I started to show up as myself. In the ITI I learned all the ways I was manipulating myself and  others around me with my masks and  coping  strategies. The main thing I learned was when I show my vulnerable sides, I am still loved and accepted. When I got home from the ITI, my connections with friends and family changed. I finally showed them all the sides of myself. I showed them my vulnerabilities, the parts that I had previously labeled as weak. All the dynamics became so much richer. I even had the chance to start a new relationship and it has been the most intimate and deep relationship I have ever experienced. Because I show up now with my vulnerabilities and drop my masks, I have the chance to open my heart and show myself to my fullest. This would never have been possible without the ITI, because I wasn’t even aware of it.