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Susanne Ohneis

I visited various workshops held by Justine and I had the honour to get to know her. I appreciate her as a wonderful, authentic and sensitive teacher. Justine’s teachings are captivating, clear, professional – and humorous. She draws from a pool of broad knowledge, which impressed me again and again. I have experienced that her helpfulness and support exceeds the so-called normal level and I always felt welcome with everything that moved within me. Her clarity is extraordinary because it helps me to see beyond my own limits and to take the next important step. I am very grateful to Justine. Through her I have learned a great deal about myself, my femininity, my spirituality and the way I want to go! Her workshops are highly recommended and bring together deep knowledge, wisdom, immense experience and spirituality. And all this she communicates in her inspiring way with heart, depth, cheerfulness and absolute authenticity.