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Yulia Heller

The Conscious Conception workshop was filled with in depth and detailed information about this fascinating topic. Justine was very knowledgeable and held space for all our questions, concerns and sharings. The workshop was extremely well structured and Justine knew very well how to share as much information as possible without letting us feel overwhelmed. We had a lot of theory to explore, but Justine graciously implemented exercises to deepen our knowledge and apply it practically. She also provided us with special mediation techniques and valuable recommendations about all sorts of topics. Her vast experience in this field was clear to me from moment one of the workshop, but crystallized even more in the times she compassionately and wholeheartedly guided me through emotions that came up after the workshop. She made me feel welcome and encouraged me to share, and I always felt her being available, supportive and intuitive. She truly opened up my horizon to new possibilities and made me feel heard in every possible way. Her work is healing, rejuvenating, challenging but before all, you can feel her heart is filled with joy when she can help you transform and overcome your limitations. Justine is an incredible teacher and I wish for everyone to get the experience to work with her.