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Prior to my work with Justine, I was struggling with knowing how to listen to my inner voice, and trust that teachers and facilitators had my best interests in mind. Justine’s patience, gentle yet relentless determination, and care allowed me to feel comfortable, trust her process, and step into my power. Since working with Justine, I’ve been able to approach others with a more open heart from a place of seeing the good in people. Not just in hanging out with Yogis, but in taking this to my professional work environment. I’ve been able to better create a sense of team safety and cohesion, like Justine created for me. Justine pours every ounce of herself into her workshops. She can at the same time create a safe space to work and grow with the group, and also focus the individual attention I needed. I was amazed at how she conducted the process like an orchestra, only helping me or others open when we were ready, and to amazing results. I trust her process and would recommend her to anyone with great enthusiasm. I loved Justine’s ability to carefully plan the flow of how people would unfold in a workshop. It seemed so effortless, until I learned of her process. She’s aware of everything that goes on in her groups, and it’s almost like she has a special sensor for each of our hearts and minds. Justine would know how I was going to feel before I did, and she was more than ready to handle anything. That’s what made me feel safe enough to take huge emotional risks and go deep. If you’re on the fence about working with Justine, consider this: I did almost everything I could to tell her that I didn’t at first trust her or believe she really cared. Yet by the end of the process, not only did I feel her love and care, I’d go out of my way to tell everyone about how amazing her process is, and that if I, the toughest customer there is, could turn so fully to believing in Justine, then you should too. If you think or feel then Justine’s process isn’t for you, then you’re exactly the type of person that will benefit from her process. It’s definitely perfect for you.
Chris Z.
Engineer, 34
The ITI is the most incredible program I have been in. In those 7 weeks I have built incredibly deep and loving relationships, I have evolved in my sexuality and my personal development. I have found a new sense of self with more power, desire, love and empathy. Especially the parts on learning about emotions where very powerful and helped me a lot. In my sexuality I have removed blockages and could open my heart more. I experienced totally new levels of self-love and love in general. I recommend this program to all that are serious about spiritual and sexual Tantra
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Sales Engineer, 29
Through the ITI I realized that my entire persona has been built around the limiting belief that “I’m not good enough” provided me with the window to deconstruct many of my defenses and enabled me to understand that I have much more choice as to how I am showing up in the world and how much more potential I have
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Andrew Hall
yoga teacher, 29
I am always eager to know myself at a deeper level and through this program, I had the chance to find out more about my patterns, masks and blind spots as well as obtained tools to better communicate myself in my relationships. I am so grateful to be pushed out of my comfort zone around sexuality in such a delicate manner and discovering my outdated core beliefs around it. I also felt so much love and support coming from everyone but most importantly from Justine. I felt really special and the best part is that she made everyone feel special during the hectic schedule of the program.
Asli Leone
Creative Recruiter
I signed up for the ITI to work on my body image issues and my shame around sexuality. I go this and much more. I have also experienced important shift concerning my relationship with my emotional and thinking patterns. I am much more in a state of accepting all parts of myself (including old patterns), with a sense of compassion and love. I am now more comfortable in my body and it is easier to connect with my femininity, beauty and sexuality. This has had a huge impact on my mood and how I experience the world. Justine’s team is very professional and supportive. It was a very safe container to experience challenging growth. I have no words to express my gratitude for Justine. She has always been available and was reaching out to offer support, providing the appropriate help when I was facing challenges throughout this journey. I also felt so much love and support coming from everyone but most importantly from Justine. I felt really special and the best part is that she made everyone feel special during the hectic schedule of the program.
Occupational Therapist, 30
My overall experience has been far beyond anything I could have wished for. It was a transformative journey that has changed my life. In my experience the ITI was a safe playground that allowed me to look into my shadow sides, to be open for feedback from others, and to realize that I could basically question all my actions and beliefs that I had taken for true up till then
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Sonja Buijs
Project Manager, 27
It’s been more than 25 years that I’ve been working and living on the fast track. Recently I’ve decided to take a year off from life: I left my work, sold my stuff, packed my husband and two kids and we all went on a long vacation. I wanted to take time for self-reflection about my life’s choices and lifestyle so that I can make sure my energies are going to the right place. In the midst of my year-off, I joined the ITI and it became an important contribution to my path. I can’t imagine a better way for me to go deeply into myself and my ‘big questions’ than the ITI. The ITI allowed me to discover beliefs I had about myself that I wasn’t even aware of, helped me see clearly & change the way I communicate and move in this world. Before joining the ITI, I was hesitant about the setting of a group work; now I’m super grateful for it. Working as part of an intimate group of dedicated, sincere & courageous individuals is such a rare and powerful opportunity which enabled all of us to dive deeply much faster. The support we gave each other made it easier to commit to the process of life changes. It felt as we all fell in love with each other as well as in Justine who skillfully created a loving and safe container for us. The ITI is one of the most down-to-earth courses I’ve taken: we practiced many practical tools and now I have a great basis to build on for my path of personal development. With only few weeks after the ITI, I already feel changes in my reactions to family & friends and I keep remind myself that I wasn’t like this before; that in similar situations in the past, I used to get annoyed or angry, sad or disappointed, and now – effortlessly – I find myself to be understanding and empathetic. These changes are super important for me as a mother who truly wishes to create a better, more open and communicative home for my children. I really recommend the ITI because it offers a holistic combination of work in all of life’s aspects: emotional, spiritual, sexual, physical. This unique blend of ‘mind - heart – body’ makes this course a winning one that you really should not miss out on.
Maya Yaron
Diplomat, 43
Over the course of the past six years, I have been participating in many of Justine's offerings, from one day workshops to a six weeks retreat. Her teachings have been a great source of personal development, alignment, inspiration, honest reflection and growth for me. All areas of my life have been affected and improved by it, I can't value her teachings enough. The passion, clarity, integrity, compassion and intuition with which she is leading her programs, always made me feel in good hands. I could open up to my processes and be vulnerable, because she created an atmosphere of acceptance and always made sure, that everyone is safe. She is teaching from her immense experience and is committedly walking her talk, doing the work on herself and constantly thriving to grow, learn and improve, something I rarely see to such an extent. I can't recommend her enough, if personal development, communication, relationships or sacred sexuality is something that you are interested in, you want to learn from/with her!
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Dominik Fröse
Germany, 39
Justine is an incredibly gifted coach. She is blessed with incisive knowing, patience and oceanic compassion. I have attended her workshops and had the privilege of being in a six week retreat with her. Through her presence and guidance, I released long held traumas, deepened my spiritual practice and experienced embodied bliss in ways previously unknown to me. The foundation of Justine's coaching is her commitment to her own practice and evolution -- she lives what she teaches and the transformation it produces in her life and others is palpable and -- I can guarantee that it is lasting. Her work is on a soul and bones level; if you want an authentic, vibrant and soulful life Justine can guide you there!
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Carrie Griffin
Physician, 32
The ITI was the best course I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a lot) in terms of depth, thoroughness and transformation. It casts light on all aspects and shadows of one’s being – acknowledging and accepting what is - and therefore leading to profound insight and healing. I signed up in order to heal my sexuality, but in the end I worked on my deepest childhood issues, suppressed emotions and character traits and was able to start the healing process of the deepest root cause of all my problems – instead of just soothing the symptoms. I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to participate in this course (especially before having children myself) in order to break old patterns from my family of origin, break free and start living my own life from my own authentic Self. Justine's course has improved my life in many different ways, and I keep profiting from it on a daily basis. The biggest change for me has been a completely new perception of sexuality, one that now allows me to joyfully explore myself and my partner. And as we became more sexually satisfied, its role became much less significant. And where we have been searching for pleasure before, we are not searching for connection and love.
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Meli Prem
Trainer & Facilitator, 32
The ITI was eye-opening, it was a tough ride but comes with a good support net of Justine and crew. It feels like Justine built the course from her own experience and deep study and the results are phenomenal. It left me with a better ability to see myself, increasing my awareness to my emotions and helped me to regain power by learning to take responsibility. Thank you Justine and all the assistants.
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Gil Shallem
Software engineer, 34


Since I started working with Justine I’ve become much more aware of my judgments of myself and others as well as what beliefs lie beneath those judgments. She has helped me see things in my personality that I was not able to see on my own. Through her in-depth questioning she has led me to find the answers within myself. And at times she is firm, calling me out on my bullshit, which I really appreciate. The thing I like the most about Justine’s coaching style is how relatable she is and willing to share her own stories and experiences which makes me feel less alone is this deep inner work. The reason why I continue to do coaching with Justine is because she creates an environment that is very supportive and non-judgmental and is always quick to encourage, validate and celebrate throughout the process. It’s clear that Justine really cares about others growth and happiness and always makes time to really, truly listen. I would highly recommend Justine to anyone who is willing to put in the work and is not just looking for a quick-fix. Justine adapts her coaching to fit your specific needs and is aware of what you need most to move forward.
carly mom
Carly Moore
Wellness entrepreneur, 38
Justine works from the heart. One of the biggest takes from my sessions with Justine is her unique way of seeing my blind spots and help me find the tools to crystallise the issue so I can feel empowered instead of dependent on someone else. From all the experiences I’ve had so far with coaches, Justine stands out with her life knowledge and most important life experience. If you are on the look for a coach who will encourage you to come back home and create a solid loving abundant foundation in your life - whether that is in your relationship with yourself, your partner, at work- Justine is without a doubt your golden egg .
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Vanessa Belem
Portugal, 33
It was so easy to do a session with Justine, although she could reach to some deep emotional conflicts to the surface which hurts. Justine is very strong in being straight to the point, and at the same time very understanding and warm hearted, I didn't feel any judgment from her. She can make you laugh during some emotional release which makes the whole process feel so much lighter and joyful, and to leave in an uplifted state. She is able to make the whole process very comfortable and harmonious, and to create a safe space . When the session ends itself, her work doesn't. Justine backed me up with a super detailed list of what we found out during our session, with homework, materials and sources that can help my process. She pays attention to all details. I highly recommend Justine as a very professional coach, smart, strong and kind at the same time, supportive and caring, generous and open minded.
Polina Efremenko
yoga teacher, 36
Justine is amazing at guiding people into a coaching session. She is highly knowledgeable about everything in relation to harmonious communication, emotions, feelings, masks, projections and a whole bunch of other personal work that helps to get more in touch with myself. She has a gift to bring clarity to peoples mind using so much compassion, empathy and heart. What I love about a session with her is that I leave with so many different insights and perspectives that I couldn’t see about myself. I feel she opens the box for me to think outside of it which helps me to get more clear on my own wants and needs and she helps me to feel empowered in that. During the coaching session she is great at reflecting back to me where she basically holds up a mirror so I can see aspects of myself that Ii couldn’t see before, giving me clarity on my own patterns and conditioning. I would recommend anyone to work with her
Arja Hendrikx
Tantra Teacher, 32
Justine's presence brought deep reflection, opening and transformation in my life. Beside the mind opening perspectives that she shares, I always feel seen, heard and understood in her presence. It is mostly that quality that makes me feel safe, allows me to be vulnerable and gain deeper insights.
Solar Bodhidharma
Tantra teacher, 35
Justine has an amazing ability to connect with us individually & as a couple.  The trust, comfort, & guidance she provides allows our sessions to be very pleasant & informative.  We’ve had the opportunity to work 1 on 1 with Justine & as a couple.  This has been a transformative experience as we get to know ourselves with a deeper meaning, humility, & tools we can apply to our daily lives.  Allowing ourselves to feel our feelings & understand empathy with a totally new perspective.
Brian & Ashley Genuser
Product Merchandising Professionals
Justine's loving, non-judgmental presence is a gift to sit in. Her depth of experience shows in her skillful questions and no-bullshit intuitive approach. I feel safe to dive into the darkness with her and trust her capacity to both honor my innate wisdom as well as expose and challenge unhelpful patterns. The awareness allowing for transformation appears effortlessly with her adept guidance. I am so grateful for her.
Susan V
Susan Vielguth
Certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, 31
I have found out about Justine through a recommendation. After watching some of her videos on Instagram and checking her website I knew that her approach, her knowledge and just her presence could awaken trust in myself, something that for me was very important to be able to surrender and not let my ego get in the way. As that was my biggest concern, that my ego will take over, as it thinks that I already know it all, have already read all the books, attended the workshops, put in the effort in a consistent way... But deep down, I knew that guidance was so needed as I seemed to be running in circles for a bit too long now. I was looking for was someone who embodied calmness, non arrogant confidence, kindness and compassion mixed with firmness, knowledge, experience, spirituality, open mindedness, a genuine interest and passion in helping people evolve and move forward, etc... the list was quite big. But somehow Justine was all that and even so much more than I expected. From the beginning I felt safe enough to be able to let my guard down and within only a few weeks I was able, with Justine’s help, to clearly see what were my limiting believes, my fears and what was holding me back from moving forward with my life, both professionally and personally. I was honestly amazed, how in only a few sessions she was able to bring me so much clarity, how my self confidence was boosted, in the areas I was needing help with things started shifting. My energy level got up and stayed consistent, I attracted the people in my life that I was needing, I feel more motivated and inspired to do what I love to do (which with her guidance became so much more clear). Honestly, I am so grateful for Justine’s guidance and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help in any area of his/her life and is ready to do the work.
Ilinca Solomon
yoga teacher & founder of Kandhi skin care, 32
I was ready to heal and go forward, but I didn’t know how. Justine helped me step into my shadows with love and acceptance to truly see my pain and how these aspects were once serving me by protecting me, but now were no longer needed. It was time for me to see these shadows, say thank you, and move forwards. I was ashamed of my behavior, and by being vulnerable and showing up, I felt empowered. Justine held the space with no judgments and guided me with compassion through the process of “the work”. It helped me see different angles to the situation and not only see the bad aspects of it. I feel that I am taking the control of my life and my healing journey back. She gave tools and homework to continue to grow on my own and it really helps to take responsibilities for my own journey. I felt comfortable with her and I felt I could open like never before to the depth of the shame and to bring light and forgiveness to it with her help.
Evelien McGimpsey
yoga therapist, 30
Justine is extremely insightful. I love that she approached and presented sensitive issues with tact and empathy, in a loving and authentic way. It allowed me to open up for real healing without having all my protectors up for defense...I trusted I am with an experienced coach that would support me into achieving my goals
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Gyanmutri Laflamme
Yoga teacher, 44


Since I was a very little girl love, sexuality, and femininity were very confusing taboo topics for me. I was looking for inspiration and guidance and found what I was look for when attending a retreat with Justine. Her open and honest way of sharing her own experience and imperfections is very inspiring. At the end of the retreat I felt like something changed. My perception shirted. I experienced myself as a sexy goddess. I learned how much fun it is to play with the feminine and masculine energy. I experienced how profound the connection of two human beings can be when they meet with an honest intention in a safe space. I went home radiating from this experience, and received lots of positive feedback.
Site Administrator
Much of the knowledge we’ve learned through Justine’s retreats has meant a lot of self-reflection to us, and many changes in our way of seeing sex and relationships. In regards to our relationship, we both gained a lot of communication tools to be able to talk about anything more openly. Justine also gave us a whole new spiritual dimension into our sex life. Tantra is definitely life changing knowledge, and Justine is a powerful transmitter of it.
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Gaby & Paolo
Vipassana Tuscany Center
I visited various workshops held by Justine and I had the honour to get to know her. I appreciate her as a wonderful, authentic and sensitive teacher. Justine's teachings are captivating, clear, professional - and humorous. She draws from a pool of broad knowledge, which impressed me again and again. I have experienced that her helpfulness and support exceeds the so-called normal level and I always felt welcome with everything that moved within me. Her clarity is extraordinary because it helps me to see beyond my own limits and to take the next important step. I am very grateful to Justine. Through her I have learned a great deal about myself, my femininity, my spirituality and the way I want to go! Her workshops are highly recommended and bring together deep knowledge, wisdom, immense experience and spirituality. And all this she communicates in her inspiring way with heart, depth, cheerfulness and absolute authenticity.
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Susanne Ohneis
Yoga teacher, 54
Two years before working with Justine, I was a soldier. I was looking for meaning in extreme sport and lots of drugs. Justine was the gateway for me into spirituality and finding more meaning in this life. She also really helped me with self love. I didn’t know that I didn’t love myself, until I stepped into Justine’s space. I was able to find self love, but first I had to recognize there is a lack of it.
Tal-Shahar Marzuk
isreal, 26
Justine is incredibly well structured and breaks down complex topics, so they are easily understandable and somehow entertaining all the way. At the same time, she is ridiculously authentic. She freely shares her experience in the discussed topics, thus allowing you to truly understand both the merits and challenges of this spiritual path. Her course has improved my life in many different ways, and I keep profiting from it on a daily basis. The biggest change for me has been a completely new perception of sexuality, one that now allows me to joyfully explore myself and my partner. And as we became more sexually satisfied, its role became much less significant. And where we have been searching for pleasure before, we are not searching for connection and love.
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Claudio de Castro
hypnotherapist, 23
Justine is an incredible leader and listener. I didn’t fully know what to expect when I registered for one of her workshops, but I could not believe how much I took away from it! She provided a safe, comfortable environment in which to share, learn and discover new things about ourselves. She offered many insights and exercises for us to work through during the workshop, and to practice at home, which were incredible helpful on a personal level. I would take another course with her in a heartbreak, and would certainly recommend her to anyone who is considering it! I would be very surprised if you didn’t leave a session with her feeling lighter, freer, and generally happier.
Julia Morgan
Julia Morgan
photographer, 35
When I first did Justine’s workshop I had never attended a workshop like it before. Justine held a nurturing space where I felt comfortable exploring my relationship with my sexuality. The exercises were simple yet powerful and so much has transformed in my life since. I now feel much more confident in my body, asking for what I need, both sexually and otherwise and I feel a greater sense of joy in my life overall. Justine is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced - I highly recommend her
Kerri Cust
Kerri Cust
Intimacy Coach, 29
From being in the army, femininity wasn’t my strength, and after working with Justine, I became more confident in my femininity. I wasn’t sure what it meant to be a woman. She helped me to remove my blockages and help me see the beauty in myself. Justine touches all the sensitive spots, and she doesn’t let you get away with anything. She goes to the taboos topics and she does it in such a beautiful, feminine way and it feels ok, even though it is the most sensitive thing.
annalee edited
Analee Abergel
isreal, 32