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Does Something Feel Like it is Missing?

Yes, you’re holding it all together in life, business and relationships. It appears that you’re thriving, except something doesn’t feel right. You can’t explain it, but it’s there and it keeps you up at night. You can’t ignore it any longer. You’re ready to face the discontent and discomfort…if you had the time in your hectic schedule. Or if you knew where to begin and what questions to ask.

Are you ready to reclaim your energy and your life?

You’re Ready for a New Way of Living

You want to be more fulfilled, less triggered and at peace internally. It’s time to stop depleting yourself by giving too much!

Start to recognize and understand your emotions by stepping out of your mind. Learn how to deeply listen to your intuition and accommodate your own needs. Be willing to make mistakes while staying open minded and engaged. Discover to first communicate with yourself, and then utilize those skills in relationship with others.

I’m Ready for Exceptional!

Do you want to live a life that has more depth and meaning?

Insight & Understanding

My direct, yet gentle, reflections and guidance will help you quickly get to the source of your problems. My biggest strength is hearing what is said behind your words and decoding the subconscious beliefs that are being expressed. I ask you the hard questions you probably wouldn’t think to ask yourself, and together we find clarity around what it is that you’re struggling with and move through it. We will identify the stories you’re creating that are holding you back. I’ll push you slightly past your edge, while intuitively knowing when to back off. With a constant reminder to have compassion with yourself. I will give you the tools to support a deepening self awareness, capacity to hold your center while staying connected, and respond instead of react to problems, people and circumstances. 

If you’re open to feedback and can handle direct reflections (while also having a good laugh) then I’m the coach for you.

" I am here to help you get the most out of life,
the be fullest expression of who you are,
and live life on your terms. "

Couples Coaching

Many couples struggle to move past reoccurring issues and resentments. They get trapped in a dynamic where criticisms flow more easily than appreciation. You struggle to take down your lens and see through your projections. A lot of times the passion and intimacy has become flat or nonexistent. Couples notice that their communication lacks depth. 

When you come for couples coaching, I consciously mediate between the two of you and bring in a third-party perspective. Helping you look past the current conflict into the root causes of the relationship issues. 

My experience serving couples for over a decade, combined with my extensive training in communication, sexuality and relationships has equipped me with the tools and skills needed to bring passion, connection, intimacy and understanding back into your relationship.

By healing your individual wounds, defining your values as a couple, understanding your differences, and allowing space for growth, your relationship can become fulfilling and inspiring.

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Do you want to take your relationship from mediocre to exceptional?

I Work with People Who

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  • Take accountability for the life they are living
  • Want to live their life with more awareness and presence 
  • Possess the willingness and courage to step out of their comfort zone
  • Refrain from blaming others for how they feel
  • Have the humbleness and openness to support deep self-inquiry
  • Fill out the intake form 
  • I will email you to set up a session, and give you a link for the payment
  • The initial call is discounted at $50 USD, so we can see if we are a good fit for each other
  • If we decide to work together, we’ll discuss the package/price that best meets your needs

Let’s Get Started!

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You Will Receive:

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  • Recording of our sessions for you to go back over whenever you want
  • Notes from our session to support the integration of the work we do
  • Recommendations for additional resources to support your process
  • Assignments for deepening and embodying what came up in the session


Nurse, 38

Prior to having Justine as a coach I thought I was authentic, in touch with my emotions, and had good relationships with my friends, family and husband. I was attached to thinking I was in the right and other people had to sort themselves out. I was pushing people away…

Wellness Entrepreneur, 38

Since I started working with Justine I’ve become much more aware of my judgments of myself and others as well as what beliefs lie beneath those judgments. She has helped me see things in my personality that I was not able to see on my own. Through her in-depth questioning…

It was so easy to do a session with Justine, although she could reach to some deep emotional conflicts to the surface which hurts. Justine is very strong in being straight to the point, and at the same time very understanding and warm hearted, I didn't feel any judgment from…

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Do you want to live a more conscious and connected life?