Video Lecture

How Men & Women Handle Stress Differently

Men and women experience stress differently and have different needs to lower their cortisol. In this lecture you will learn how to best support yourself and your partner in managing stress.

How men and women handle stress differently laptop


How to Feel Your Emotions

Here's a free guide to support you in connecting with your emotions instead of thinking about them or being overwhelmed by them


Do you want help on how to have your ideal relationship?

Whether you’re single or in a relationship download this powerful exercise to help you have an exceptional relationship.

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Feel the Emotion & Question the Thought

In this lecture, I cover how to feel your emotions and question your thoughts, which are two essential components for your healing and well being. Both of these are necessary for creating lasting transformation.


Conversation Starters and Self-Reflection Guide

Enjoy a free guide filled with interesting conversation questions to guide you into deeper self-reflection and more meaningful connection with others.