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What Is the ITI?

The ITI is a deep dive into group work that brings about transformation in every aspect of your life. It offers an integrated approach to personal development, sexuality and spirituality. Together we explore suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs, personal identity, sexual programming, relationships, etc. You’ll leave behind patterns that no longer serve you and step into your full creative potential, living an empowered and connected life. It’s a truly groundbreaking experience that combines modern psychological tools with techniques and rituals from Yoga and Tantra. This type of group work supports change and transformation to happen much faster than traditional therapy or one on one coaching. 

Koh Phangan, Thailand - Dates TBD (COVID depending)

What Makes the ITI Unique?

The Program Offers


Emotional work that’s balanced and centered

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not dramatic and chaotic


Sacred sexuality that’s passionate and profound

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not fluffy, limited to soft touch and eye gazing


Transformational group work that’s supportive

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not ego bashing


Spiritual practices that are practical and grounded

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not lofty, ideal and unattainable

The ITI involves...


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The ITI process works with the body, emotions, beliefs and sexuality, as a way to get in touch with the Authentic Self. It’s a practical and powerful solution of integrating your spiritual path into your daily life.

It’s one thing to work with a coach or a therapist on your own.  It’s a completely different experience to have support in a group environment where you’re dealing with your issues in real time.  Group work facilitates transformation at an exponential rate.


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A lot of the personal development programs dive deep  into shadow work, core wounds and childhood issues,  while ignoring the topic of sexuality. We will look at all of that and include your sexualitySexuality is intimately connected with the totality of your being. 

The ITI is not a cookie cutter method.  Each person’s process is adapted to what they need.  We’ll discover your blind spots and unconscious beliefs so you can  put an end to habitual patterns that have created disconnection
and have limited your potential.


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Why I Created the ITI

The curriculum of the ITI contains the most effective tools and teachings I have acquired over the last two decades.  It is based on my vision for a path that is practical, integrated and embodies spiritual principles, without using them to avoid or justify emotions, thoughts, and actions. It offers a way to penetrate the sneaky  personal development ego that seems to go unnoticed. The ITI is a space to get real, vulnerable and intimate without all the insincere eye gazing and ridiculously long hugs. It provides teachings that encompass body, emotions, thoughts, sexuality, and aspirations for elevating consciousness. And provides community that’s committed to evolving and supporting each other.

The ITI is for you if...

You’re willing to engage in radically honest and authentic conversations and experiences. You want to go deeper, but just don’t know how. You’ve been on the personal development path for years, attended the workshops, read the books and still keep repeating the same patterns. This course is intended for people who are interested in working with their edge and are able to self-regulate any triggers that may come up. You must be capable of managing your own reactions and emotions in a range of challenging scenarios.

*Please not that this is not a trauma therapy program. This course may not be suitable for you if you’re currently experiencing acute trauma or symptoms of complex post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Learn more about the Structure of the Program & How to Apply

Core Focus Areas of the ITI

The ITI is a transformational intensive that guides you into living a more conscious and connected life. Click on each section below to learn more about the main topics we will focus on during our time together.

  • Wish you could figure out a way to just show up as you are without all the mental restrictions around what people might think?
  • Sick of seeking validation from everyone around you and not knowing how to self-source love and approval?
  • Tired of trying to prove yourself and exhausted of living by everyone else’s standards and expectations instead of your own?
  • Ashamed to admit that you’ve created a false image of who you are and worried that people are going to see right through it?

The ITI helps you to not be plagued by “What should I do with my life?” Instead you will become more in touch with what you want and will have the confidence and motivation to go after it. The “I am not sure if I can” or “I am not good enough,” becomes, “I know what I need to do to get to where I want to be. And I’m going to make it happen.”

You’ll also have the strength and centeredness to take a stand against other’s expectations and projections. When you’re met with disapproval and disappointment, you’ll have the clarity to hold space for them and what they’re feeling, without compromising yourself. There will be no more need to push forth an image of how you would like to be seen, because you’ll feel comfortable exactly as you are.

As you pass through this inner transformation, you’ll witness how the world around you now responds in a new and different way. The same relentless challenges and people will stop appearing in your life.

In the ITI, I realized in what kind of illusion I lived with all my protectors and defenses. By working on my traumas and fears, so much energy started to flow freely throughout my body.” Sonja

“I had a picture of how I wanted to be seen (extrovert, cool, outgoing, funny) and now I just live. Before, I was just showing masks. I didn’t allow myself to be fully be me. Now I play the roles and do it consciously and am not ruled by them. It just happens, I don’t work actively at creating an image, just do what needs to be done.” Damian

  • Do you know what you like and don’t like when it comes to sexual intimacy? Are you comfortable talking about it with your partner?
  • Not happy with the way your body looks and tired of trying to hide the parts you don’t like?
  • Bored of the same love making routine? Looking for inspiration to bring more spark to your sex life?
  • Yearning for sexuality to be part of your spirituality and not something separate from it?

The ITI has a powerful transformative ability to liberate you from shyness, shame and inhibitions. Through the process, your relationship to sexuality will change. Instead of using sex to gain love and attention, it will become a vehicle for profound intimacy and connection.

You’ll bask in the joy and pleasure that moves through your body as it is no longer weighed down by concerns with body image and blockages from the past. This new acceptance and embodiment of your sexual power will leave you free to express your desires without embarrassment. You’ll have the confidence to set your boundaries and no longer harm or compromise yourself for someone else’s wishes.

You’ll be initiated into the Tantric mentality, embracing your sexuality as a means for your spiritual awakening. The Tantric approach to sexuality is unique in that it allows an individual on a spiritual path to harness energies that are internal within us all, and direct them towards self-realization. Through techniques, powerful orgasms, and rituals you’ll learn how to awaken and channel your sexual energy for healing and enlightening purposes.

Sex became less about chasing release, and more about being released from the addiction of a goal with no benefits, an end point with no purpose. I also found the void I was trying to fill with sex. I moved from sexuality for a moment of peace, to sexuality for connection. That connection brings a deeper peace and is longer lasting…” Chris

The context of the group could really support my sexual emancipation from the societal programming, inhibitions, judgments and traumas. I can honestly say that I am more open sexually after going through this program. The most important thing that I got was a few subtle insights on how to practically link my sexual force with my spiritual aspiration.” Alex

The rituals have supported me to gain more sexual freedom and overcome fears and shame around the topic of sexuality.” Sonja

I used to not love my yoni (vagina) and the ITI made me see how I have been lacking to love this part of my body that’s so intimate. I have been able to really shift the conditioning I had in my mind around it. Since I have shifted this, and the man I have been with after have been worshiping it without me talking about it at all, so the law of resonance really showed up here which is so beautiful.” Arja

  • Do you want a transformational program that has a no fluff policy, but still does deeply emotional and intimate work?
  • Confused what it means when someone tells you to be present with your emotions?
  • Are you stuck in your head and having a hard time getting in touch with your emotions?
  • Or do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions and want to experience them with more clarity and composure

Many spiritual and religious paths shame and disown emotions, instead of recognizing the energy and intuitive messages that they carry. By meeting them with presence, embodying and channeling emotions you can become a vibrant, radiant, fulfilled person. You’ll have the ability to get in touch with and respond to what you’re feeling in a healthy and harmonious way. You’ll have the tools to sit with what you’re feeling, instead of being overwhelmed and seeking distraction by numbing out with Netflix, Instagram, food or substances. You’ll know how to get out of your mind and into your heart and body and actually feel and experience the life you are living, not just think about it.

During the ITI, I first started by making friends with my emotions, finding them a place and giving them the love they deserve. Then after acknowledging the main emotional issues in myself, I got into an amazingly powerful process of cutting the bullshit and striving toward authenticity. I really could receive the teaching of owning all parts of myself, emotions, triggers, shadows in a way to become truer in the relationship with myself and others around me. I could really discover my deepest flaws and learn how to work with them for more holism and integrity. It definitely supported my spiritual evolution in the way that it put me face to face with myself and the place where I am at right now, so I can acknowledge where to start from and what the next step is.” Alex

“Before the ITI, it was as if I saw my emotions like a black and white movie with no sound. Through the retreat, my emotional body opened up and it was as if I was feeling my emotions with colors.Ziv

  • Tired of avoiding difficult conversations or conflicts?
  • Afraid of becoming a doormat and being taken for granted?
  • Exhausted by not taking care of your own needs and then feeling guilty about doing so?
  • Jumping into pleasing mode because you’re worried you might hurt someone? 
  • Or how to not dominate and impose your views onto others and create more space for open communication?

The ITI will teach you the tools you need to get in touch with and speak to what you’re feeling and thinking in any situation. You’ll no longer be afraid of being judged, criticized, or blamed because you’ve tuned into your humanity and are open to learning. You’ll also have the capacity to connect with another person’s pain and really hear what they’re saying. Gaining the confidence and skills needed to approach difficult topics with care and gentleness to remove lingering resentments that kill many relationships. Be able speak your mind, while holding space for others in moments of disagreement. You’ll get to experience what it’s like to be completely honest and transparent in your communication.

I feel more safe and comfortable to admit when I am wrong. It’s not about being weak, it’s about realizing what isn’t working. I can let it go and build myself back up again and face the people I love and care about.” Chris

“I am always eager to know myself at a deeper level and through this program, I had the chance to find out about my patterns, masks and blind spots as well as obtain tools to better express myself in my relationships.Asli Leone

  • Wishing you had spiritual teachings that incorporate sexuality, emotions and relationships, while also remembering the true nature of your being?
  • Want a path that honors a dedicated meditation practice and encourages mindfulness in everyday life?
  • Do you want to awaken to the bliss of the present moment, instead of getting lost in worries about the future?

The ITI aims to help you integrate the principles of traditional Tantra so that you can experience deeper insights into the nature of your existence, live with an awakened awareness, and unite sex and spirit. Learning to cultivate mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual refinement, gifting you a balanced and harmonious life. These refinements will allow you to gain insight into internal barriers, repressed emotions, and ego-driven actions that we are all programmed with. You will find a true sense of freedom.

I couldn’t surrender to a concept of “God” or the “Divine” because I didn’t feel like “it” ever had my back in life. Through the ITI, I learned how to embrace the idea of a peaceful, joyful surrender to the Divine, when I couldn’t trust it before. Also, I broke my unhealthy relationship with the idea of surrender.” Chris

Experiences I had had in the past of awakening became clearer and my experiences of this within the ITI were the most profound and clear they have ever been. More importantly, there is a true sense of stabilizing my consciousness there more of the time which was my greatest hope and intention for this period.” Carrie

I had experienced that Tantra is a path to the divine. Before, I “knew” it, and was talking about Tantra and how it is a spiritual path and can really help you, that came more from a lip-service/repeating parrot rather than experiencing or understanding it myself. During the ITI I have received the grace to experience how sacred love making brings us into higher states of consciousness and I am amazed how quickly I have seen results on the Tantric path.” Arja

Koh Phangan, Thailand - Dates TBD (COVID depending)

What You’ll Receive

  • Courses, lectures, booklets filled with teachings and tools prior to the program 
  • 175 hours of deep transformational work during the program 
  • Pre ITI – Group orientation call/meeting
  • Post ITI – Group integration calls 
  • Post ITI – 1-on-1 integration call 

The Prerequisites Include

    • Lecture – Introduction to Tantric Mentality 
    • Lecture – Transfiguration – Recognizing the Divine 
    • Lecture – Chakras, Polarity of Energy and the 5 Bodies 
    • Lecture – Sexuality of The Chakras 
    • Lecture – Psychological Aspects of The Chakras 
    • Lecture – Basics of Tantric Rituals 
    • Lecture – Tips, Tools and Techniques on How to Have Tantric Sex
      • How to awaken desire, pleasure and orgasm for women
      • Ejaculation control and non-ejaculatory orgasms for men
    • Online Course – The Work of Bryon Katie 
    • Online Seminar– An In-Depth Look at Emotions
      • How to feel, process, manage and work with emotions to develop emotional resiliency
    • Readings and written exercises to facilitate deeper self-reflection and self-knowing.
    • Assignments to send out to people in your life inviting honest reflections on how they perceive and experience you.
    • Inspiration and support on cleaning up your lifestyle and purifying your physical body.

The Program Includes

      • Psychodrama
      • Family Constellations
      • Art Therapy
      • Focusing, Felt Sense
      • Parts work (aka Aspects)
      • Compassionate Inquiry
      • The Work of Byron Katie
      • Breath work
      • Rituals
      • Creating a safe container for yourself so that you are able to stay centered and connected in any circumstance
      • Knowing how to offer a safe atmosphere for others
      • Understanding small ‘t’ relational trauma vs big T trauma and how it manifests
      • Inquiry and practice around setting and honoring boundaries
      • Tools for how to regulate your nervous system
      • Continued support and feedback, helping you stay more present and connected
      • Worksheets and course papers guiding self reflections
      • Awareness of your defense mechanisms and protectors and masks 
      • Investigating the masks you wear and identities you are attached to
      • Insights and guidance to uncover the tactics you use to numb and distract yourself 
      • Supported solo retreat time for profound self inquiry 
      • Clearing social and cultural programming that isn’t serving you
      • Identifying the ways in which you self abandon and sabotage 
      • Teachings on how to work with your inner critic
      • Support in overcoming fears around judgments and social anxiety
      • Practices for overcome struggles with body image
      • Lots teachings on best self-care practices
      • Techniques on how to connect to emotions in an embodied way
      • Tools for accessing repressed emotions and healing the past
      • Teachings on how to channel your emotions, instead of suppressing or exploding
      • Practices for expressing your emotions in a way that they can be understood and received
      • Meditations for calming your mind and enhancing your body awareness and emotional attunement
      • Practices for staying open and connected to yourself, instead of shutting down and withdrawing 
      • Sold and effective exercises working with judgments of others
      • Identifying the disowned, rejected, denied parts of yourself
      • Tools for integrating the shadow
      • Compassion practices and meditations
      • Exercises around authentic engaging
      • Tools for getting clear on what you are feeling and needing
      • Guidance and tools for expressing yourself directly and effectively
      • Lessons on giving and receiving direct and honest feedback
      • How to work with defensiveness, yours and others
      • Teachings on what empathy is and isn’t and how to truly empathize with yourself and others
      • Support in embracing your vulnerability and intimate connections
      • Tools for working with your projections
      • Tools for how to conscious confront and work through your assumptions
      • Support in healing pains and resentments of the past
      • Identifying the traumas you are holding and how they are effecting your current relationships
      • How to cultivate more depth, meaning in your relationships
      • Teachings on embodying a Tantric mentality, integrating your spiritual practices and principles into your daily life
      • Hatha yoga practices focused on purifying, balancing and awakening the chakras
      • Love making rituals designed for each of the chakras
      • Breathwork exercises with the use of energy and mantras to release and heal blockages
      • Lots of mindfulness practices 
      • Embodiment practices for awakening sensitivity and pleasure in your body
      • Exercises and practices to investigate shame around your body and sexuality
      • Lessons on different types of massage
      • Initiation into Tantric sex rituals
      • Support in exploring more challenging sexual experiences
      • Future forecasting exercises
      • Techniques for manifesting what you most desire
      • Assigned accountability buddy to integration support  
      • Action plans for integrating your changes once you leave the ITI


Koh Phangan, Thailand - Dates TBD (COVID depending)