Intimate Transformation Intensive
A way to full, free and fearless living​
Intimate Transformation Intensive
Spiritual practices that are practical and efficient
Intimate Transformation Intensive
Sacred sexuality that is passionate and profound
Intimate Transformation Intensive
Group work that is safe and supportive


The ITI offers an integrated approach to personal development and spirituality. We explore suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs, character traits, sexual programming, and the way you relate to people. You will leave behind patterns that no longer serve you and step into your full creative potential, living an empowered and connected life. It is a truly groundbreaking experience that combines modern psychological tools with the study of techniques and rituals from Yoga and Tantra

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Jan 27th - Feb 26th, 2021 - Koh Phangan, Thailand


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The ITI process works with the body, emotions, beliefs, sexuality as a way to get in touch with the Authentic Self. It is practical and powerful solution for how to integrate your spiritual path into your daily life.

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A lot of the personal development programs dive deep into shadow work, core wounds, childhood issues, etc. and ignore the topic of sexuality. We are going to do all that and include your sexuality. Your sexuality is intimately connected with totality of your being. 

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It is one thing to work with a coach or a therapist on your own, and it is completely different to have that support in a group environment where you are dealing with your issues in real time. Group work facilitates transformation at an exponential rate.

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ITI does not have a cookie cutter method. Each person’s process is adapted to what they need. We will discover your blind spots and unconscious beliefs so that we can put an end habitual patterns that are creating disconnection and limiting your potential.


The transformation you go through will support you in creating healthier relationships, removing toxic and draining people from your life and deepening the ones you cherish. The ITI is a rare opportunity for people to explore this kind of depth, vulnerability and intimacy together.

*Please note there are several love making rituals that you do in your home. You can chose not to participate in those rituals if you do not have a partner. Your partner does not have to be in the program. 

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You have been on the personal development path for years, attended the workshops, read the books and still keep repeating the same patterns.

You want to go deeper, but just don’t know how.

You want to engage in radically honest and authentic conversations and experiences.


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The ITI was the most transformative course I have ever done in my life. It offered to me what I had been looking for in a lot of the self-development courses, but never found. I was looking for quick fixes, for my blocked sexuality, lack of desire and constantly feeling…

Meli Prem Trainer & Facilitator, 32

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This program was the most incredible journey I have ever made in my life. I learned so much about myself, my sexuality, and my emotions. I got so much deep transformation. First I figured out how to embrace my emotions. A long time ago, I locked away my anger. I…

Damian Prem Sales, Engineer, 29


The ITI is the strongest and most efficient process I have gone through for personal growth and evolution. I went so deep into myself, identifying my shadows and behavior patterns. It is a one month retreat and you will get work for years after.…

Jalamurti Waldburger Yoga Teacher, 39

Jan 27th - Feb 26th - Koh Phangan, Thailand

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