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Step into your power
Understand how women work
Turn her on again

Unlock the keys to clarity, confidence and connection with your woman


I went from not knowing what to do to fix my relationship, to knowing how to lead us to a better place

I was really good at leading at work, but I wasn’t able to bring that same kind of leadership to my relationship. After making  only a few change, my wife already was incredibly responsive and happy. I have more tools and optimism for sorting things out that have been getting in our way over the past several years. Before, I didn’t understand what I was a supposed to do to get the harmony and connection I was wanting in our relationship. And now I have much more clarity.


I got so much out of this group container and hearing the questions and challenges other men were facing and then witnessing Justine coach them through. Also hearing them articulate things, brought awareness and clarity to my own relationship dynamics.

Before Lead Your Love, I couldn’t grasp what lead your love meant. This program helped me to start to take the lead in our relationship, instead of just going along passively or pleasing.

I have also cultivated more appreciation for my wife throughout this course. I have become more aware of the things that I wasn’t doing and now have a better understanding of why and how that was so frustrating for her. The little changes I have made in my life and relationship have made a big difference


Waking up to your woman curling up in your arms, pressing her body against yours…

and inviting you for a quickie before the day starts. You kiss each other goodbye as you both head off to work and her smile stays alive in you as you drive away.

You receive a naughty, playful text when you’e coming out of a board meeting and look forward to the end of the day. As you’re on your way home, she asks for your help in picking up veggies for dinner. When you arrive home, she takes the food and thanks you with a kiss. 

You peacefully take some time to sit on the couch and decompress from the day. After about 20 minutes of relaxing, you go into the kitchen and take over the cooking and send your woman off for a relaxing bath. 

She tries to start doing laundry, but you coax her again towards the bath and she sweetly surrenders. When she comes down, dinner is ready out on the patio. You two make a great team. You flow between comfortable silence and engaging conversation throughout dinner and even continue to stay at the table longer just because you enjoy being in each other’s company.

You end the night with her curled up in your arms as you watch a documentary together before heading off to bed.


After 12 years of marriage, tension and resentment builds up. But now we’re happy, in love, and feeling at peace.

Thanks to Justine, we now have the tools we need to have a healthy and strong relationship. We are happy, in love, and engage with each other in a very peaceful and harmonious way…

Prior to working with Justine my wife and I were struggling with a lot of tension and animosity in our relationship. We had been married for 12 years and there was a build up of resentments and frustrations due to unmet and unknown needs. Justine helped us to learn how to better express ourselves so that we didn’t hurt each other in the process. She also taught us how to be sensitive and supportive to each other’s insecurities.

Justine helped both of us to see how we were contributing to the strain in the relationship and what each of us could do to bring more harmony and compassion. As a man I felt understood in a profound way and that experience was essential for us as a couple to share.

She also helped us to better understand and express ourselves in a way so that the other felt heard and understood. Justine was great at getting us to calm down, in a loving and compassionate way, when we got overheated. Thanks to her we now have the tools we need to have a healthy and stronger relationship.

Are you frustrated with:

  • Feeling guilty for wanting to do your thing and take some alone time. 
  • Giving her what she says she wants, but it never seems like it is good enough. 
  • Being micromanaged and dragged into her never-ending to-do list.
  • Trying to keep up with her constantly changing moods. 
  • Being blamed for her dissatisfaction with life and told you’re the one that needs to work on yourself. 
  • Feeling like your wants and needs don’t matter and it’s always about holding space for her. 
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Is going to help you to understand your woman and her needs better than she understands herself.
You will:



Lead Your Love helped me to improve my relationship with all the women in my life (mother, sister, roommate, etc.)

It feels right for a woman to lead a man’s group. Women are different and hard to understand. I am recently divorced and joined Lead Your Love because I wanted to better understand relationship dynamics and how I could improve how I am showing up.

I wanted to learn how to be a better listener and space holder for the women in my life and I saw improvements in these areas just after two weeks of the course. I am now more clear, confident, and motivated to offer my masculine gifts and fully express myself. And one of the things that I loved about LYL is that it was led by a woman. Way better than a bunch of dudes coming together and hashing out some bro-science.

Imagine having a relationship where you are:

  • A source of strength, support, and safety that your woman knows she can rely upon.
  • Able to lead difficult conversations in a confident and connected way without getting triggered.
  • Unlock the secrets of understanding the magic of her cycle, less than 1% of men know this.
  • Able to help her relax and surrender into feminine essence even when she’s stressed and overwhelmed (a relaxed woman is a turned on woman).

Imagine having a relationship where your woman:

  • Genuinely admires you for who you are.
  • Opens herself enthusiastically to you and feels deep pleasure and satisfaction when you make love to her.
  • Feels safe and taken care of by you that she doesn’t have the impulse to second guess what you do. 
  • Brags to her friends about what an amazing man you are.

Take control and lead your relationship into a space of
passion and fulfillment

What will you learn when you join lead your love


Deepen Your Masculine, Awakening Her Feminine

> The Modern Masculine Man
> Maintain Polarity & Avoid Reverse Polarity
> Stop Shutting Down her Feminine


Men and Women are Different

> Know Your Hormones & Needs
> Understand Her Hormones & Cycle
> Alone Time vs Couple Time


Communicating with the Feminine

> Different Pathways to Intimacy
> How to talk with a woman
> How to Fulfill Her Needs for Connection


Making love to the Feminine

> Masculine & Feminine Sexual Differences
> Multiple Orgasms / Ejaculation Control
> How to Keep the Sexual Spark Alive


Navigating Emotions (Yours & Hers)

> How to Handle Her Emotions
> How to Best Process Your Emotions
> Remove the Trigger and Deal with the Real Problem


Managing Conflict

> Deescalating Her Emotions
> Handling Complains and Criticisms > Taking Space in a Connected Way
> Managing Your Defensiveness


Step Into Your Power & Awakening Her Surrender

> Become More Attractive and Reliable to Your Woman
> Strengthen Your Masculine Presence
> Create Safety and Help Her to Open

lead your love

3 month online group program


Lead Your Love helped me to better understand myself, my masculinity, and how to create and maintain polarity in my relationship.

I joined Lead Your Love to gain awareness and tools to navigate the complex dynamics of relationships. I struggled with losing myself in relationships by not honoring myself and my needs. I learned more about women and found my way back to myself.

I joined Lead Your Love to gain awareness and tools to navigate the complex dynamics of relationship. I struggled with losing myself in relationships by not honouring myself and my needs. LYL helped me to better understand myself, my masculinity and how to create and to maintain polarity in my relationship. This program also helped me to better understand women, what they need and how to best interact with them.

One of the best things about LYL was the group calls. It’s rare to have guys come together and talk about such things. It was really powerful to connect with other men in this way. And, all the videos gave me a better understanding of relationship dynamics.

Understanding the differences between men and women helped me to stand up for myself and how I do things differently from my partner, instead of feeling bad about it. Such as the stuff that we learned about how men process emotions. That information was fascinating and really helpful.

I have more confidence to be myself. There is an effort in society to feminize men, which can be confusing and frustrating. This course supports a healthy expression of masculinity. LYL has helped me better understand how to be a man in modern society. I am grateful to find this course.

What will you recieve when you join lead your love


Video Lessons

> Potent and succinct videos
> Effective and actionable tools
> Go at your own pace

VALUE: $3000


Relationship Masterclass

> Powerful Masterclass on having a drama-free, harmonious relationship

VALUE: $250


Private Platform

> Ask questions and receive personal coaching in a community of men

VALUE: $1500


Group Coaching Calls

> Where you have the opportunity to be personally coached by me and ask specific questions about your relationship
> Learn from questions other men ask

VALUE: $3000


Overcoming Beliefs

Free instant access to my online course 'Overcoming Limiting Beliefs,' one of the most transformative tools that can shift all areas of your life

VALUE: $149

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Trade out the drama for knowing how to navigate disagreements that leave you feeling closer than ever


If we haven't met yet, I'm Justine, and here's a little about me

I’ve always been a strong, ambitious, confident woman. I spent most of my childhood in constant competition with men. When I started dating, I didn’t last longer than 2 months with a man because I would get bored, and I wasn’t quite sure why this was happening.

At 25, I finally met a man who captivated me. I wasn’t aware of the masculine-feminine dynamics at the time, but I came to understand that I had been living in my masculine and thus was having a hard time getting turned on by most men. When I met a man who had more stability, clarity, and direction than I did, it dropped me into my feminine.

However, meeting him wasn’t enough. I continued with my normal ways of functioning at high speed, doing it all, taking care of everyone, managing all the details of our life. I thought I was being helpful and was totally clueless about how controlling I was.

I got a wake-up call when my very masculine man reflected back to me how I was unknowingly emasculating him. That was all I needed, once something comes into my awareness, I go all in.

I took courses and read countless books on relationships and the differences between the masculine and feminine. I did my coaching training under John Gray. I spoke personally to men to better understand their world.

I gained a whole new perspective on relationship dynamics and now I am in 11yrs into a relationship with a man I deeply love. I am still my strong, ambitious self, have a successful and thriving coaching business, AND I feel supported, seen, turned on by my man.

Learn how to enhance your masculine presence
to open her heart and awaken her desire


This program is unlike any other

You are going to receive the essential keys to making your woman happy and fulfilled

Backed by facts and science and delivered in a potent and succinct way

This is the course you wish you had in your teens before navigating the confusing landscape of women and relationships

Step into your power
Understand how women work
Turn her on again


Yes, it’s great to attend if you are single. You will learn things in this course that will help you to have a great start in your next relationship. LYL will give you the tools to clear the past and support you in how you relate to women in general.

You have lifetime access to the videos. You return to the videos and all of the shares and coaching that is going to happen in that group as long as the livetantra platform exists.

Not a problem. You can send your questions ahead of time if you can’t be there and you can watch the replay. 

Also you have the Facebook group throughout the week to ask your questions, get support on the challenges you are facing, and guidance on how to best address a certain situation. You have a lot of access to me in LYL that usually only my VIP clients get. The Facebook group alone is a very supportive container.

I get this concern; I’ve heard it many times. However, I know from my personal experience and from working with my clients, when you change, your partner will change.

You have more power to shift the nature of your relationship than you may realize you have. And through LYL, you are going to learn how to take that power back that you have given away to tolerating, compromising and hopelessness. 

You are going to learn what you can do and how to go all in. And if your relationship doesn’t improve after you have done everything you could, than at least you have healed your own wounds and patterns and are ready for a new – better and healthier – relationship.


I get that it can be intimidating to talk about your relationship challenges in front of other people and this might be out of your comfort zone. The thing is, all the men in LYL have a shared intention. This can be a space where you develop powerful male friendships. 

Through group work, you have the opportunity to learn from other people. A man might ask a question you didn’t even think of and as a result, something new opens in you.

Research shows that people develop faster in a group than they do on their own.  

This program is currently very low priced because I want to encourage men to do this work. It is half the price of my woman’s program. 

Over the last 20 years, I have invested over $100,000 in trainings, coaches, courses, books, etc. You are getting all of that distilled down into the core essence that is going to have the biggest impact.

In addition to my studies, you also receive the wisdom that I have gained from 15 years of helping thousands of people and my personal experience from two long term relationships.

During LYL, you have the ability to ask me questions and receive coaching, which is something that usually only my VIP clients get. 

Several of my clients have expressed how they’ve had therapists in the past or have done couple’s counseling that didn’t really create lasting change. But through the work they did with me, they were able to experience lasting transformation. My practical approach that prioritizes integration supports you to make significant shifts in your life.


Justine Baruch

If you would like to go through this journey with your partner, have her check out my program for women here