Hi, I'm Justine


I used to live in overdrive, jam-packing my to-do list, feeling that little rush as I checked things off one by one.

Sure I was tired by 5 pm most days, but I pushed through by overriding my body and emotions and running off adrenalin and coffee. I believed I could manage more than most, so I would take care of everyone else and then turn up my assertiveness so I could still go after what I wanted as well. Funny thing is that I saw all of these as positive attributes. 

I took pride in my stamina and how much I did, not getting lost in my emotions, not being affected by what other people said or did, and the biggest blind-spot was that I mistook my assertiveness as being helpful, instead of seeing that I was actually being controlling and bossy.

While everything in my life looked great, it still felt like something was missing.


My insatiable urge for the next adventure led me to opt-out of the usual post college 9-5 and replace it with a backpack and a 1-way ticket to New Zealand. I spent the next two years traveling and hitchhiking around the world.

My quest for more was fulfilled, just not in the ways I originally thought. On my travels, I found yoga, meditation, and spirituality. Instead of famous people, I found teachers and mentors. When I did my first 10-day silent meditation retreat, I got to know myself on a deeper level than ever before. I was amazed at how clear my mind became and how I started to notice my thoughts that were previously unconscious. I started to feel a joy in simple moments that I had not experienced before. I continued my journey and worked with everyone from therapists to spiritual teachers, with all kinds of courses, workshops, and books along the way.

As I peeled away the layers, I found the inner peace that I had been looking for. 

I assumed my studies, travels, accomplishments and my relationships were the keys to finding satisfaction and fulfillment, but I was wrong. I never would have guessed that it would have come from connecting more to my emotions and softening into my feminine. This opened me up to a peace and contentment that wasn’t there before. I stopped charging through life and actually started to feel it.

I had been a tomboy into my 20’s where I was in constant competition with the guys. Without understanding the concepts of masculine and feminine at the time, looking back  I can see that I was replying on my masculine to prove that I was equal. In this ‘fight’ for equality, I myself held little regard for the feminine part of me. Upon seeing this, I knew something needed to change.

It took some time to integrate this realization as I didn’t really have any mentors to tap into my femininity.


As I opened to the play between the masculine and feminine, I started to really enjoy it, and the impact it had on my relationship is beyond words.

I went from insisting on opening jars, carrying heavy bags, and micromanaging my man to letting go of control, and enjoying receiving and being taken care of. What started as something that seemed so scary, the more I let go, the more I was rewarded. 

Prior to leaning into my femininity, my relationship took some work. There was more friction than flow. I felt like I was holding our relationship together and if I didn’t take the lead, the household budget would bust, the garbage would pile up and our vacations would never happen. Not to mention sex, quality time, and deep connection. Little did I realize at the time that my efforts to create the relationship I wanted were actually pushing it further away.


When I let go of my control and softened into my feminine, it opened up so much space for love, passion, and deep intimacy.

Everything that I had been wanting, came into existence. My partner now sends me loving text messages and holds me in his arms and tells me how much he loves and adores me. He initiates dates and plans special evenings and surprises (I love surprises!). I receive random thoughtful gifts. I end most days curling up in his arms; and we have rituals for checking in and connecting. We read books and take courses together. He is more sensitive and empathetic in challenging moments. He steps up and saves me in moments when I need his help. I honestly never thought it was possible to have this quality of relationship with this man. I feel so seen, loved, and supported by him.

I had shifted from being a powerful woman in my masculine to being an even more powerful woman in my feminine. If you want to learn my secrets on how to get everything you want from your man and have the relationship of your dreams, check out Adored.  If you are a man with a powerful woman and want to know how to support her in softening into her femininity, check out my program for men Lead Your Love.


A journey for women who want to create an extraordinary relationship.


A journey for men to become trusted & respected by your woman

Embracing my femininity
not only transformed my relationship
it completely shifted my business

I learned to work with a flow, instead of stress. And to my surprise, I accomplished more and actually enjoyed the work while I was doing it. It’s hard to call what I do work, as it brings me so much pleasure. I am literally smiling so much while I run my business that my cheeks hurt. When I am developing a new project or coaching a client through another breakthrough, I feel like a kid the night before Christmas that is filled with so much excitement that it’s hard to sleep. 


So to wrap up this journey to where I am at now - I never would have guessed that I would be guiding others in embracing their femininity, but it is now one of the things that I am most passionate about. I'm excited you're here. If you feel called to work together, check out my offerings


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