Hi, I'm Justine

I used to live in overdrive, jam packed my to do list, took care of everything & everyone, while also doing my own projects.

I am the kind of woman that gets things done and makes things happen.I took pride in my stamina, how much I did and how I didn’t get lost in my emotions. I came to realize that the things that I admired about myself also had a shadow side. I was cut from my emotions and mistook my assertiveness as being helpful instead of seeing the controlling component behind it.

I was the kind of woman that ran the show at work and home. I am efficient and effective in everything I do, which meant that I took the lead on most things. Sometimes, it felt like nothing would have gotten done without me.


I longed for someone to take care of me, instead of feeling like I was taking care of everyone.

I had a decent relationship, but not without its frustrations. I wanted him to take action, get things done without me having to ask, and initiate some romance and quality time for us.

I generally thought I was a great partner and that he was the one that needed to step up, take initiative, and do his inner work. Wow, has my perspective changed.

And thankfully it did, because that kind of attitude is a downward spiral. 

Shifting into my feminine was not a simple process.

To give you a little bit of background on me, I had been a tomboy into my 20’s where I was in constant competition with the guys. Without understanding the concepts of masculine and feminine at the time, looking back I can see that I was relying on my masculine to prove that I was equal. In this ‘fight’ for equality, I myself held little regard for the feminine part of me. Upon seeing this, I knew something needed to change.

However, I struggled to comprehend what it meant practically to be in my feminine. I couldn’t grasped what it looked like? How was I to act? What was I to say? I found a mentor (who to this day will still say that I was her most difficult student). I read books, took courses, got my hands on everything I could as I tried to wrap my head around the whole masculine feminine dynamic. While I resisted at first, I now couldn’t be happier and more fulfilled by life and my relationship.

I had shifted from being a powerful woman in my masculine to being an even more powerful woman in my feminine.

It took me years to figure out, which is why I am so passionate about doing this work. It doesn’t have to take that long. If you want to learn how to embrace and embody your femininity, inspire masculinity in your man and have the relationship of your dreams, check out Adored.

If you are a man with a powerful woman and want to know how to support her in softening into her femininity, I walk you through that process step by step. Check out my program Lead Your Love. It will give you clarity around women in general, as I know we can be confusing and contradicting at times. 


Lead Your Love

I love working with men and women, singles or couples, helping them to better understand themselves and each other.