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A 3 month journey for women who want to feel the spark with their partner
create an extraordinary relationship.


Adored far exceeded my expectations, and transformed me and my relationship completely.

I went from struggling with self worth and communication issues in my relationship to feeling seen and heard, smoothly navigating difficult conversations, and my relationship is better than ever.

When I started Adored, I was in a challenging space both within myself and in my relationship. I was struggling with not feeling good enough and we were fighting a lot. After the first week of Adored, things started to shift already in my relationship.

Adored far exceeded my expectations. I have done extensive reading and courses on self-development and relationships, but Adored offers very practical information that is easy to apply to my daily life.

I learned how I was unknowingly blaming and criticizing my partner and putting him on the defense, even though I thought I was approaching our conversations in a conscious way. With the skills I learned Adored, we now have much more harmony in our conversations, including the difficult ones and we both feel heard. 

Our relationship has changed drastically and the biggest shift came from me. I went into thinking I was going to learn about my man and I ended up learning so much about myself along the way. Justine said it only takes one person to change the relationship for the better, and she is absolutely right. 

Adored will help you to be a better version of yourself and have a better relationship. I am more calm now, I take better care of myself, and my relationship is better than it has ever been. 

Do you want to have a relationship where years into it you still


Are you frustrated with how things are….

Feeling like your partner isn’t listening to you and doesn’t engage in deeper conversations?

It feels like you have turned into roommates, rather than soulmates.

You walk into the room and your partner doesn’t even notice you. 

Sex is something to tick off or hardly happens, the flirting and foreplay is long gone. 

It feels like there is no space for your emotions and when you express your frustrations, he gets defensive.


I struggled with my inner critic & self-sabotaging. Adored helped me access my confidence and power. I am now ready for a good relationship.

I didn’t know what my needs were, let alone expressing them. I didn’t trust men, which made it kind of hard to have a solid relationship. Now, all of that has changed. Adored was a saving grace for me. It facilitated deep healing and has me ready for the relationship of my dreams. 

Adored helped me to realize that I held a belief that my wants and needs didn’t matter, and Justine supported me in cleaning this belief. The course also brought my attention to all the ways that I was self-sabotaging and how I can show up differently with men, and for myself.

Justine did so much coaching in the facebook group, and the live coaching calls were very powerful. It was amazing to go through this with other women. Witnessing their processes helped to heal my own patterning.

I am now more open, receptive, and hopeful. I feel better about myself. I know I’m a good person who has a hard past that I survived, and I’m actually thriving now and will thrive even more in the next stage of life after 50. Adored also helped me to take up more space, and in a feminine way.

Before, I was always afraid of men because of the abuse of my past, and now since adored, I am open to their good intentions. I am open to their attention, their kindness, their strength, and their protective ways. This is huge as it is not something I even considered before. I am ready for that relationship of my dreams 

Many relationships are just like yours, going through the motions, and hanging on until the kids get older. But you don't want to cross your fingers and hope that you'll magically find deep passion for each other again after years of co-running a household. And you don't have to wait. You don't have to settle.

You get to be Adored again

You've tried....

But dont give up yet!

You can have the closeness, intimacy, and connection that you are longing for.

When you understand how your man works, you will be able to reach him and get him to open up and step up.


Adored taught me how to take my power back

Prior to Adored, I was a victim of my life. I lacked awareness, blamed my partner for how I felt, said hurtful things to my partner, and would leave men before they could leave me. I did therapy, talking with friends, workshops, but nothing had a lasting effect. I was hesitant to join Adored because I had already tried so many things and nothing was having lasting effects.

Adored helped me to see that there was nothing wrong with me and gave me the tools I needed to change. I learned how to take responsibility for my emotions, work with my triggers instead of project them onto my partner, and express myself in a healthy way. Learning about the differences between men and women brought so much understanding and acceptance and has healed my relationship to men, not just my partner. Adored set me free and I wish for all women to have these tools and this knowledge. If you are ready for change, it gives you tools to make that happen.

You don’t need him to change.

I'm going to show you how to get your power back.


You don’t have to accept your relationship as it is.




Justine helped me to see exactly what needed to shift to have the relationship I was longing for, and now I have it.

I joined Adored at a difficult point in my relationship. I was depleted and frustrated and felt I had exhausted my skills to maneuver in the relationship. But I did not know how to overcome this or how to communicate with him. Adored helped me to have a relationship where I am happy, connected, and fulfilled.  I wish all men and women would get these teachings – the world would be a better place.

Justine and the Adored program helped me a lot and now I see our relationship dynamics from a completely different perspective. Knowing how men and women are wired differently helped me to navigate my triggers and wanting him to change. I now have a better understanding of what my man wants and how to approach him and make requests. 

Justine was the first person to ever highlight to me that I needed to work on my boundaries, of which I am utterly grateful. She gave me tools to work with my triggers and understand what is actually behind them. I realized it is rarely my partner’s fault, but rather something deeper than that. I can now see that he has my back and I do not need to compete with him. 

Adored has helped me to relax and enjoy my relationship; and, my partner is very pleased with the new me. He has even started calling me his dearest, something that I have been wanting, but it never happened until now. 

I loved working with Justine. Her intuition, insights, and suggestions are sharp. She is exceptional at identifying blind spots and proposing strategies to overcome the surmountable.



I went from hating and avoiding my husband to having beyond what I ever thought was possible, in just a few months

My relationship was a sham at best. I saw my husband as an enemy. He was getting in the way of doing the things that I wanted to do. I did everything I could to work late. I was fantasizing about being with other people. I wasn’t present and wasn’t a good wife.

Justine helped me to be more content, grounded, self-aware. And as a result, my husband shows up in the relationship in a different way, as a better and more enhanced version of himself. He is more grounded, happy and content and tells me more than once a week how he’s so impressed and proud with the work that I’ve done on myself. He says he’s never been more in love with me.

My relationship was a sham at best. I was cut off from him. I saw him as an enemy. He was getting in the way of doing the things that I wanted to do. I was doing everything I could to work late. I was also flirting with coworkers and fantasizing about being with other people and watching porn to distract myself from our sexual issues. I wasn’t present. I wasn’t a good wife. I was usually focused on how quickly I could get alone time.

Our native language was fighting with each other. When we weren’t shouting at each other, we would talk about the to-do list or scheduling.

We would spend time with other people in the hope to enjoy our time together, but we weren’t actually interacting or engaging in any shape or form.

I was ready to divorce, move on, and start all over again. Whatever was on the other side, was going to be better than this. I journaled about how unhappy I was. Now when I look back on those journal entries, it doesn’t feel like me. 

I had 3 therapists, nothing stuck. I tried reading books and listening to podcasts, but it wasn’t getting to the core. 

It’s embarrassing to think back on, given how much I have changed.

I have now put so much into the relationship and I have gotten so much back from it.

The feeling that this relationship is a burden is gone. Our relationship is a safe space for all my emotions and for both of us to express whatever is going on for us.  I feel confident in my ability to navigate our challenges.

We happily spend time together. We go for walks every day. We cuddle on the couch. We kiss each other goodbye before one goes to the grocery store. This is not something I would have pictured between us. It’s awesome. It’s so real. It’s not made up or forced. This is actually my reality. 

What helped was when you told me to not fight reality, but to accept it, embrace it, and be present with it. You told me to use this as a space to work on myself. When I leaned in, my whole outlook changed. 

You told me that if I put energy and effort into the relationship, my partner will respond to that. You told me that my partner didn’t need to work on himself, if he didn’t feel inclined to. You said that he would be transformed by the work that I do. 

And every bit of that has proven to be true. My husband and I have grown together over the course of the work that I have done with you and on myself. 

You have helped me to be more content, grounded, self-aware. And he now shows up in the relationship in a different way, as a better and more enhanced version of himself. He is more grounded, happy and content as a result of the coaching that I have done with you. It’s powerful and has been a thoroughly transformative experience. 

My husband tells me more than once a week how he’s so impressed and proud with the work that I’ve done on myself. He says he’s never been more in love with me. And that your coaching is the best money we have ever spent.


You have the ability to completely shift your relationship dynamic and heal old patterns and wounds along the way

I’ve had many women come to me over the last 15 years with serious doubts about their relationship and ready to file for a divorce.

After a couple of weeks of working together, they not only wanted to stay with their husbands, they also saw what a great catch they had.

They went from thinking their relationship was doomed, to having the relationship that was the envy of their friends and they were being asked how they did it. 

This can be you. It doesn’t matter how bad it is or how far along in your relationship you are. You can bring back the magic.



Natalie's relationship went from troubled to better than ever.

I had a lot of trouble in my relationship before I worked with Justine. The same issues kept showing up and Justine helped us to have real breakthroughs. My relationship is better than ever. The things that were always good, are now 10 times better and some of the issues that we had been struggling with for years are now solved and we both found healthy ways to communicate our needs to each other.



I use to feel hopeless about my relationship, but then I learned all that I could to do change it. And now I have everything I ever wanted.

Prior to Adored, I was pretty strong in my masculine and unknowingly emasculating my man. I thought I was helping to bring attention to the ways that we could improve, but I didn’t realize that I was only making things worse. I wasn’t able to see, at that time, how I was contributing to the very problems that I was complaining about. I really thought it was all him.

I use to have many frustrations, resentments, and annoyances towards my partner. Adored has helped me to see that actually a lot of it was me. I did Adored and my partner did Lead Your Love and our relationship has completely transformed. We are both doing things differently. We have more patience, understanding and acceptance towards each other. He has become more reliable, mindful, proactive and centered. I have become less controlling and more supportive. We are more loving towards each other. Our intimacy has improved. We have fewer fights and resolve the conflicts that do arise faster. 

Since I have started to take more accountability for my part in our dynamic and change the way I am towards him, he feels more respected, trusted, and accepted. What we share feels more like a partnership than it ever has and I love that we went on this journey together. It gave both of us the info, insights and support that we needed to create the change we were longing for.


A 3 month journey for women who want to feel the spark with their partner and create an extraordinary relationship.

Create the realtionship you've been longing for


Module 1.

Make Him Your King, Become His Queen

  • Setting your relationship up for success

  • Pull him in instead of push him away

  • Letting go of control and feeling the need to do everything

Module 2.

Entice Him Out of His Cave

  • Activate the attraction, desire, and spark

  • Inspire and honor his masculine presence

  • Nurture and embody your feminine essence

Module 3.

Creating Deeper Connections

  • Effective communication with the masculine

  • How to be seen, heard and understood

  • Navigating differences in sexual presences and drive

Module 4.

Make Him Your Ally, Not Your Enemy

  • Inspire his empathy, not his defensiveness

  • Connect to your vulnerability

  • Don’t waste time on surface problems, address the root 

Module 5.

Call Forth His Protector and Provider

  • Stop the cycle of overgiving and overdoing

  • Overcome the conditioned blocks to fully receiving

  • Express your desires in a way that inspires

Module 6.

Surrender and Presence

  • Inspire the best version of your man

  • Be the ideal partner

  • Relinquish control and deeply surrender

If you leave this relationship without doing what you can to make it better, you are likely to walk right into the same problems in your next relationship.


I thought I understood men, then realized I didn’t. Adored opened my eyes to so much

Prior to Adored, I had a series of long term relationships where the same patterns, problems and arguments kept arising. Adored helped me to understand why that was happening and how to stop them from repeating. I was hesitant to join Adored because I wasn’t in a relationship at the time and I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a group program. 

The teachings in Adored showed me how much I didn’t know about men. I now understand their perspective, how they think, what they need, and why they act the way that they do. Previously I had a habit of jumping to the conclusion that I did something wrong and my partner was mad at me. This new awareness helped me to not misinterrept his actions and not project my stuff onto my partner.

I highly recommend Adored for all women. The teachings are incredible and Justine has an amazing ability of being able to see exactly where someone is stuck and what they need in order to move past it.


Waking up with your partner’s arms wrapped around you and feeling that deep connection as you tag team getting the kids off too school, stealing a long kiss and a smack on the ass as he hands you the breakfast he just made for you. You kiss each other goodbye for the day and head off to work full of energy. You’re killin it in your meetings and you get word that you are about to be promoted again.

Your colleague asks what products you use because they want the secret for how you are able to do so much and look so radiant. Only it’s got nothing to do with your skincare and it’s got everything to do with the afterglow of this mornings’ love making. 

Later on in the day, you receive a naughty text from your partner that has you smiling so big your colleague perks up with curiosity wondering what message just came through.

You get home a bit late from work and your husband has a glass of wine waiting for you, and you join him in making dinner and share about your day, while the kids are there at the table doing their homework.

You’ve been together for years but you still melt when he grabs your hips and love the way your body feels in his hands.


If we haven't met yet, here's a little about me.

I’ve always been a strong, ambitious, confident woman. I spent most of my childhood in constant competition with men. When I started dating, I didn’t last longer than 2 months with a man because I would get bored, and I wasn’t quite sure why this was happening.

At 25, I finally met a man who captivated me. I wasn’t aware of the masculine-feminine dynamics at the time, but I came to understand that I had been living in my masculine and thus was having a hard time getting turned on by most men. When I met a man who had more stability, clarity, and direction than I did, it dropped me into my feminine.

However, meeting him wasn’t enough. I continued with my normal ways of functioning at high speed, doing it all, taking care of everyone, managing all the details of our life. I thought I was being helpful and was totally clueless about how controlling I was.

I got a wake-up call when my very masculine man reflected back to me how I was unknowingly emasculating him. That was all I needed, once something comes into my awareness, I go all in.

I took courses and read countless books on relationships and the differences between the masculine and feminine. I did my coaching training under John Gray. I spoke personally to men to better understand their world.

I gained a whole new perspective on relationship dynamics and now I am in 11yrs into a relationship with a man I deeply love. I am still my strong, ambitious self, have a successful and thriving coaching business, AND I feel supported, seen, turned on by my man.

This is for you if...

This isn't for you if...


Pearls of Wisdom

Video lessons that are full of quality content!

Live Coaching

Bi-weekly group coaching calls where you get personalized coaching from me. Sundays 7:30 - 9:30 pm ICT / 1:30 pm CET / 7:30 am EST

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook group where you can ask questions and be supported by me and the other women in the group

Course Material

Worksheets and journal prompts for knowing and understanding yourself and your man better

Comunity & Support

A community of strong women who are committed to showing up as their best self and uplifting their man


Bonus 1

Hear what men want directly from them in my interviews where they intimately share their experiences in their present and past relationships.

Bonus 2

A Group Q&A with your men at the beginning of the program where they get to ask questions and learn how to better understand you and what they can do to improve the relationship.

Bonus 3

Free instant access to my online course 'Overcoming Limiting Beliefs,' one of the most transformative tools that can shift all areas of your life

Take action on creating the quality of relationship that you want now

When your relationship is bad, it makes everything else in life harder. When it’s good, you feel like superwoman and can do it all. Stop wasting time waiting for your relationship to get better. Stop wasting time waiting for your relationship to get better and take action on creating the quality of relationship that you want now.

It doesn’t matter how bad it is or how long you have been together, you have the ability to make things better. As you lean into what you can do to shift your relationship, you will learn so much about yourself. A lot of people get stuck on the surface and don’t dig deeper into what the problem really is.


Adored brought the spark back to my 10 year relationship

I signed up for Adored with the hope to freshen things up in my relationship, as depth and passion had gotten lost along the way. Now we’re more in love than ever. Things are flowing really sweetly. I am so glad that I overrode my resistance to do yet another online training. This one was completely different than anything I have ever done before. 

Adored was profound in many ways. Justine is an authority figure in this realm of relationships and sexuality. She is masterful in how she guided us through places where we were stuck. I also love the new perspective she brought. I have done a lot of courses over my years to the point where I lacked the motivation to do any more because I felt I had heard it all, but Justine shared things I had never heard before. Another point I loved about the program, was the group container. I was hesitant to do a course online where I was going to be on my own studying, but this felt more like an in-person course with the quality of connection and support that Justine provided. 


The caliber of the content, the caliber of the teacher, and the joy and beauty of how it was structured was such an awesome experience and the results speak for themselves. I had some really big aha moments around the ways that I can deepen my surrender and the relationship and the teachings around hormone balance and how hormones arise in the body according to your actions and reactions in the relationship was absolutely mind-blowing and has changed how we are as a couple.


I get this concern; I’ve heard it many times. Truth is, women are more into personal development than men. However, I know from my personal experience and from working with my clients, when you change, he’ll change. One of my client’s shares how this was exactly what she experienced, you can find her story here.

I have witnessed the power of women doing their work and the impact it has had on the men so many times. In fact, I’ve had SEVERAL husbands sign up for coaching with me after witnessing the transformation in their wives, and these were men who had never done coaching or personal development before.

This is also why I have added 2 Q&A’s for your men at the end and end of Adored. This is one of the components that makes Adored different from other programs. And if they are interested in learning how they can improve the relationship, they can sign up for Lead Your Love

You have m
ore power to shift the nature of your relationship than you may realize you have. And through Adored, you are going to learn how to take that power back that you have given away to tolerating, compromising and hopelessness. You don’t need to settle for mediocrity; you can have your ideal relationship! 

To help you to see how powerful and impactful it is when you focus on doing your work, here’s one of my client’s experiences:

Justine told me that if I put energy and effort into the relationship, my partner will respond. She said that he didn’t need to work on himself, if he didn’t feel inclined to, and that he would be transformed by the work that I do. 

And every bit of that has proven to be true. My husband and I have grown together over the course of the work that I have done on myself with Justine. 

She has helped me to be more content, grounded, self-aware. And as a result, my husband shows up in the relationship in a different way, as a better and more enhanced version of himself. He is more grounded, happy and content as a result of the coaching that I have done with Justine. It’s powerful and has been a thoroughly transformative experience. 

My husband tells me more than once a week how he’s so impressed and proud with the work that I’ve done on myself. He says he’s never been more in love with me. And that coaching is the best money we have ever spent.

I have countless stories just like this one. Lot can happen when you shift your focus from what he should do, to what you can do. 

You have the option of going through the program, without participating in the group dynamics. This is how some women have preferred to do Adored, and they still transformed so much from the video material and also witnessing others be coached. 

I get that it can be intimidating to talk about your relationship challenges in front of other people and this might be out of your comfort zone. The thing is, all the women in Adored have a shared intention. It will be a space where you can explore leaning into your vulnerability and as a result, you will create more intimate and authentic friendships.

You can hear Ashley’s concerns about group work prior to joining Adored and how much she got out of it. 

A participant from a previous group I ran shares about her concerns around group work: “I was hesitant about the setting of group work; now I’m super grateful for it. Working as part of an intimate group of dedicated, sincere & courageous individuals is such a rare and powerful opportunity that enabled all of us to dive deeply much faster. The support we gave each other made it easier to commit to the process of life changes.” – Maya Yaron (Diplomat)

Through group work, you have the opportunity to learn from other people. A woman might ask a question you didn’t even think of and as a result, something new opens in you.

Research shows that people develop faster in a group than they do on their own. Meli shares her experience with group work with me: “I loved being together with the group.  Everyone was a mirror for me, through their processes, I learned so much about myself.” 

From my past experience with groups, this container and the friendships that you can form during this program are something that you will have long after it ends. 

When your relationship becomes more harmonious and more fulfilling, you and your partner are likely going to start making more money.

The tool you learn in Adored, will not only change your relationship, they will change any aspects of your life and how you relate to people in general. 

Also, when you compare all that you are receiving to what I have invested in gaining this knowledge, you are saving a lot of money, and time.
Over the last 20 years, I have invested over $75,000 in trainings, coaches, courses, books, etc. You are getting all of that distilled down into the core essence that is going to have the biggest impact. In addition to my studies, you also receive the wisdom that I have gained from over 15 years of helping thousands of people and my personal experience from two long terms relationships.

During Adored, you have the ability to ask me questions and receive coaching, which is something that usually only my clients get. 

Several of my clients and Adored participants have expressed how they’ve had therapists in the past or have done couple’s counseling that didn’t really create lasting change. But through the work they did with me, they were able to experience lasting transformation. My practical approach that prioritizes integration supports you to make significant shifts in your life.

Receiving guidance from an expert saves you a lot of time and money. You don’t have to figure this out on your own. I am going to help you identify and integrate parts of yourself that are in your unconscious – such as those childhood wounds that get projected on your partner. 

Here’s what my clients share about having someone support them:

 “I was in a place where I felt like I really needed time with a coach to help me see where I went wrong since I had tried a lot already. I had done a lot of self-study when it came to relationships with minimal success (Tony Robbins relationship program, Gottman, NVC, Byron Katie and more).- Natalie

“I had read a lot of self-help books and took courses, but working with someone 1:1 helped me to get to the deeper layers. Justine is really good at getting to the root problem, the one that is actually able to make the biggest impact. I highly recommend working with her for anyone who wants to take their self-development to the next level and wants to be challenged. She is no bullshit. She gets straight to the point. I feel really empowered to handle situations that before I would have run away from or fought. Now I am able to sit with it on my own and process it, rather than project things onto my partner and the people around me.” -Nik

Not a problem. You can send your questions ahead of time if you can’t be there and you can watch the replay. 


Also you have the Facebook group throughout the week to ask your questions, get support on the challenges you are facing, and guidance on how to best address a certain situation. The Facebook group alone is a very supportive container.

Yes, it’s great to attend if you are single. You will learn things in this course that will help you to clear the past, change old patterns, and have a great start in your next relationship. 

You have lifetime access to the videos. You will be able to return to the videos and all of the shares and coaching that is going to happen in that group. Most participants have gone back reviewed all the lessons a 2nd and 3rd time after they finished the 3 month Adored journey.  


We were really struggling with our communication. Now I know how to access my softer feminine side

I was not very connected to myself, nor my husband. I was hesitant to join Adored because of being vulnerable with a group of other women. I generally don’t do that. I also felt alone with the challenges that I was facing. 

 I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved and appreciated the group container. We faced similar situations and we were able to learn from each other and from the coaching each of us received coaching from Justine. The videos were very informative and facilitated huge improvement in my relationship. My husband even commented on it after the first week of the course. I learned how to better approach and relate to my husband. Adored was a game changer.


Do you want to go through this journey with your man?

Have your man check out Lead Your Love.