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I'm Justine

I’m a personal development & relationship coach, here to empower you so that you are resilient, confident and connected as you move through the lessons of life.

My approach is one of integration, accountability and empowerment, as this is where I’ve found the greatest transformations and fulfillment.


Justine Baruch

Evolution Coach


a Conscious life


You bring the light of your conscious awareness into the shadows of your psyche, healing the wounds of your past, integrating all parts of yourself and clearing your projections. Allowing you to show up more fully for the present moment with an open heart and a clear mind.

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Overcome Limiting Beliefs with The Work of Byron Katie

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Your body, emotions and cognition are in alignment and working together to navigate your life in an embodied and integrated way. You are attuned to your feelings, needs, opinions, and desires and do not abandon yourself in the presence of another. You maintain an open heart and connection to others, even under challenging circumstances.


a Connected life


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The ITI offers an integrated approach to your personal development and evolution, touching on all aspects of your life. You will leave behind patterns that no longer serve you and step into your full creative potential, living an empowered and connected life. 

The ITI was the most transformational process I have ever done in my life. It offered to me what I had been looking for in a lot of self-development courses but never found.” –Melanie

Are you getting the most out of life?
Or does something feel like it is missing?

Are you someone who is committed to your inner work, you’ve made healthy changes, but still feel like you yearn for more depth in your life and your relationships?

Do you want to be more empowered and resilient in all aspects of life including your relationships, career, finances and sexuality?

This is what I am here to help you do!

"You need to start with yourself if you want anything in life to change. Life is happening for you, not to you."

Receive Support and Guidance

I’m here to ask you the hard questions and hear what’s being said beyond your words so that you can better understand yourself. My direct, honest approach helps you to see your limitations and take action to overcome them. I’ve coached hundreds of clients worldwide that appreciate my firm, yet gentle, guidance and unique ability to make the challenging moments feel playful. I celebrate with you as self-reflection and awareness become more natural and you step into a more conscious and connected way of living

Work with me in a way that WORKS for you

If you’re willing to expose your inner truths, no matter how unpleasant they may be, I promise to hold the space for you to explore new ways of communicating, connecting and loving. Decide how to work with me that best fits your personality, lifestyle, availability and needs. 



In my Private Coaching practice, I take an objective look at your life, beliefs, actions and identify where you’re stuck to help you improve your life. Together we find what’s missing and holding you back, and how to break free.



My retreats are an integrated group facilitation. Together we’ll discover your blind spots and unconscious reactions so we can put an end to habitual patterns that create disconnection and limit your potential. 



In these self-guided online trainings, you’ll find lectures and materials provided to you in a comprehensive package for you to learn at your own pace. They are filled with practical tools to support your transformation.

Conversation Starter & Self Reflection Guide - FREE

Are you bored of talking about what happened in your day and what’s for dinner, but don’t know how to initiate more interesting conversations? Do you want journal prompts to guide you into deeper self-reflection?


Susan Vielguth
Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, 31

Justine's loving, non-judgmental presence is a gift to sit in. Her depth of experience shows in her skillful questions and no-bullshit intuitive approach. I feel safe to dive into the darkness with her and trust her capacity to both honour my innate wisdom as well as expose and challenge unconscious…

Damian Prem
Sales Engineer, 29

Justine is an amazing teacher and coach. I have enjoyed every single workshop and coaching with her. She works from the heart, with a lot of empathy and has an incredible knowledge and wisdom. She helped me to live a truly fulfilling relationship with my partner, open my heart and…

Vanessa Belem
Portugal, 33

Justine can understand people’s emotional challenges and confusion and help guide them into clarity without giving them the solutions. Thus empowering them to have tools to deal with such problems. She is exceptional with identifying the underlying emotion behind the story of the mind and mirror back to people without…