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You sign up for a coach when you are done tolerating mediocracy in your life, whether it is in the realm of your confidence, relationship, work, purpose, or your personal evolution. What has gotten you here is probably keeping you from going deeper and evolving more. You get a coach when you are truly committed to your growth and are ready to invest in yourself and stop making everything else and everyone else a priority.


You need to start with yourself if you want anything in life to change. In order to transform your life, you need to take accountability for what is happening in it. True strength and empowerment can only come when we lift each other up. Putting someone down is not a path towards confidence nor freedom. Life is happening for you, not to you. Open to the lessons life is offering and stop complaining.


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Jan 27 - Feb 26

The ITI offers an integrated approach to personal development. We explore suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs, character traits, sexual programming, and the way you relate to people. You will leave behind patterns that no longer serve you and step into your full creative potential, living an empowered and connected life. 


susan v

Justine's loving, non-judgmental presence is a gift to sit in. Her depth of experience shows in her skillful questions and no-bullshit intuitive approach. I feel safe to dive into the darkness with her and trust her capacity to both honour my innate wisdom as well as expose and challenge unconscious…

Susan Vielguth Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, 31

damian edited

Justine is an amazing teacher and coach. I have enjoyed every single workshop and coaching with her. She works from the heart, with a lot of empathy and has an incredible knowledge and wisdom. She helped me to live a truly fulfilling relationship with my partner, open my heart and…

Damian Prem Sales Engineer, 29

vanessa edited

Justine can understand people’s emotional challenges and confusion and help guide them into clarity without giving them the solutions. Thus empowering them to have tools to deal with such problems. She is exceptional with identifying the underlying emotion behind the story of the mind and mirror back to people without…

Vanessa Belem Portugal, 33

"Conscious evolution comes from knowing who you truly are. Invoke deeper self-reflection with my curated list of questions, designed to help you understand yourself better and identify the places you feel challenged."

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