Structure of the Program

This is a program that requires a full dedication of your energy and time. In general, we’ll be together six days a week, with one day off. During our days together we will have two or three sessions, depending on what we’re focusing on for the day. There will be blocks of time throughout the four weeks where we will go into retreat mode, thus requiring no communication with the outside world. 

Most theory will be given to you prior to the start of the program, including free lectures about conscious sexuality and relating, as well as teaching on emotional maturity and overcoming limiting beliefs. The teachings and techniques in this program are a combination and rituals from Yoga and Tantra with modern psychological theories. Utilizing tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, The Work of Byron Katie, Non-Violent Communication, Compassionate Inquiry, Psychodrama, Family Constellations and more. 

This intensive does include nudity and sexual interactions, always with the understanding that all exercises are optional. This program supports you in discovering what you want and honoring your boundaries.

Prior to the Program

To best prepare for the work that we are going to do, it is highly recommended to read the following books. They will give you a solid understanding and tools that we will build upon in the program. The intention is that you receive the theory before the program, so that during the program we focus on embodying and integrating it. 

You will receive several assignments starting two months prior to the program. Some are for self-reflection and others are questions to send out to your family and/or friends to receive honest feedback.

We will have an orientation call slightly before the program starts so that we can cover logistical details to help maximize our time together. This will allow us to dive straight into doing deep transformative work when we meet for the retreat. 

We will also have post ITI group calls to support your integration process. 

You will have one 1 on 1 integration call with Justine to further support your integration process

Two months prior to the program, you will be receive a series of video and audio lectures and written material that will give you a foundation of knowledge. All of this is to give you theory that we will put to practice during the program. Please note that these must be completed prior to the training.

If you have taken workshops with me previously, this will cover some of the material in the prerequisites. If you have taken workshops with people who have studied under me, please email me ( the name of the workshop you attended, the date, the teacher and the location. This may also cover some of the material in the pre-requisites. 

There will be several love making rituals that you do in your own home during the first two weeks. You can chose not to participate in this part of the program if you do not have a partner. Please note that your partner does not have to be in the ITI. 

If you are interested in attending the program and are looking for a partner, you can join our private Facebook group with other singles who are looking for a partner for the program; consider it an online dating platform. What’s great about this platform is that everyone involved already has very strong shared goals and values, simply by singing up for this program.

Please note that there will be 11 days during the program where you will need to be living in your own house. You cannot share a house with your partner during this time. Details will be emailed to you upon your acceptance into the program.

The month long program is a substance, alcohol, and tobacco free time. You will be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle building up to the program so that you can do deep transformational work and not be distracted by withdrawal symptoms.








1 – Fill out the online application.

2 – Pay the $100 USD deposit.

3 – You will be contacted for an interview following the completion of your application and paying the deposit. The interview will be conducted by Justine and happen on zoom. It will be recorded so that Justine’s team can view it and together a decision is made about your acceptance. 

4 – Within 2 -3 days of your interview, you will receive an email about your acceptance into the program. If you are not selected, your deposit will be refunded (except a $15 USD transaction fee).

5 – If you are selected, your deposit will be put towards your tuition and you are required to pay at least $1000 USD within two weeks of being approved to secure your space. Full payment must be made one month prior to the start of the program.  

Koh Phangan, Thailand - Dates TBD (COVID depending)

What You’ll Receive

  • Courses, lectures, booklets filled with teachings and tools prior to the program 
  • 175 hours of deep transformational work during the program 
  • Pre ITI – Group orientation call/meeting
  • Post ITI – Group integration calls 
  • Post ITI – 1-on-1 integration call 

The Prerequisites Include

    • Lecture – Introduction to Tantric Mentality 
    • Lecture – Transfiguration – Recognizing the Divine 
    • Lecture – Chakras, Polarity of Energy and the 5 Bodies 
    • Lecture – Sexuality of The Chakras 
    • Lecture – Psychological Aspects of The Chakras 
    • Lecture – Basics of Tantric Rituals 
    • Lecture – Tips, Tools and Techniques on How to Have Tantric Sex
      • How to awaken desire, pleasure and orgasm for women
      • Ejaculation control and non-ejaculatory orgasms for men
    • Online Course – The Work of Bryon Katie 
    • Online Seminar– An In-Depth Look at Emotions
      • How to feel, process, manage and work with emotions to develop emotional resiliency
    • Readings and written exercises to facilitate deeper self-reflection and self-knowing.
    • Assignments to send out to people in your life inviting honest reflections on how they perceive and experience you.
    • Inspiration and support on cleaning up your lifestyle and purifying your physical body.

The Program Includes

      • Psychodrama
      • Family Constellations
      • Art Therapy
      • Focusing, Felt Sense
      • Parts work (aka Aspects)
      • Compassionate Inquiry
      • The Work of Byron Katie
      • Breath work
      • Rituals
      • Creating a safe container for yourself so that you are able to stay centered and connected in any circumstance
      • Knowing how to offer a safe atmosphere for others
      • Understanding small ‘t’ relational trauma vs big T trauma and how it manifests
      • Inquiry and practice around setting and honoring boundaries
      • Tools for how to regulate your nervous system
      • Continued support and feedback, helping you stay more present and connected
      • Worksheets and course papers guiding self reflections
      • Awareness of your defense mechanisms and protectors and masks 
      • Investigating the masks you wear and identities you are attached to
      • Insights and guidance to uncover the tactics you use to numb and distract yourself 
      • Supported solo retreat time for profound self inquiry 
      • Clearing social and cultural programming that isn’t serving you
      • Identifying the ways in which you self abandon and sabotage 
      • Teachings on how to work with your inner critic
      • Support in overcoming fears around judgments and social anxiety
      • Practices for overcome struggles with body image
      • Lots teachings on best self-care practices
      • Techniques on how to connect to emotions in an embodied way
      • Tools for accessing repressed emotions and healing the past
      • Teachings on how to channel your emotions, instead of suppressing or exploding
      • Practices for expressing your emotions in a way that they can be understood and received
      • Meditations for calming your mind and enhancing your body awareness and emotional attunement
      • Practices for staying open and connected to yourself, instead of shutting down and withdrawing 
      • Sold and effective exercises working with judgments of others
      • Identifying the disowned, rejected, denied parts of yourself
      • Tools for integrating the shadow
      • Compassion practices and meditations
      • Exercises around authentic engaging
      • Tools for getting clear on what you are feeling and needing
      • Guidance and tools for expressing yourself directly and effectively
      • Lessons on giving and receiving direct and honest feedback
      • How to work with defensiveness, yours and others
      • Teachings on what empathy is and isn’t and how to truly empathize with yourself and others
      • Support in embracing your vulnerability and intimate connections
      • Tools for working with your projections
      • Tools for how to conscious confront and work through your assumptions
      • Support in healing pains and resentments of the past
      • Identifying the traumas you are holding and how they are effecting your current relationships
      • How to cultivate more depth, meaning in your relationships
      • Teachings on embodying a Tantric mentality, integrating your spiritual practices and principles into your daily life
      • Hatha yoga practices focused on purifying, balancing and awakening the chakras
      • Love making rituals designed for each of the chakras
      • Breathwork exercises with the use of energy and mantras to release and heal blockages
      • Lots of mindfulness practices 
      • Embodiment practices for awakening sensitivity and pleasure in your body
      • Exercises and practices to investigate shame around your body and sexuality
      • Lessons on different types of massage
      • Initiation into Tantric sex rituals
      • Support in exploring more challenging sexual experiences
      • Future forecasting exercises
      • Techniques for manifesting what you most desire
      • Assigned accountability buddy to integration support  
      • Action plans for integrating your changes once you leave the ITI

Koh Phangan, Thailand - Dates TBD (COVID depending)

*price does not include airfare, accommodations, food or transportation


Most Asked Questions

Is the ITI for me?

This program was designed for you. Most of the participants of the ITI over the last several years have been people who have been on the path for years and yet they still experienced significant shifts and deepening. The two main aspects that facilitate such transformations are the power of group work and the length of time we are together. The group pulls out your patterns, and thus you are able to work on many layers. Also you will go through a personalized process that focuses on exactly the areas where you are stuck and working with your blind spots.

If you are committed to doing your work, owning your triggers, looking into your wounds and are open to receive support the ITI can work for you wherever you are in your personal development. Many of the participants have been on the path for sometime and we have had people who were just beginning and it was a powerful and transformative experience for them. They wanted to make a big shift in their life and were ready to dive deep.

If this is a concern that you have, it’s best if we talk about it in a conversation to address the specific areas of concern. I am happy to get on a call with you if you want clarity on this prior to applying to the program. You can find my contact information here. 

An ITI participant expressed: “When I look back at the ITI, it was the best investment that I’ve made. I had spent so much money on courses and workshops, that didn’t help me to make the shifts I was wanting to make. ITI didn’t give me theory, it gave me the experience to embody all the theory that I had learned and integrate it into my daily life. The intensity and length of the program created a greater opportunity for change and created new habits. It also gave me the tools I needed to continue to deepen my work afterwards, thus making lasting effects.”

Also, many participants after going through the ITI, apply to assist in future programs as they got so much out of the teachings, the space and the group work. For the time being, it is free to assist in future program if you are accepted. For the amount of teaching, support and contact hours you get with me and my team, the ITI is a great deal. You taking this step to invest in yourself, will also encourage you to show up more fully for yourself.

A unique aspect of the ITI is that we design part of it to address your personal issues. Most programs have a set topic and agenda that you go through and you have to fit into the program. The ITI has a set agenda, part of that agenda has the space to focus individually on what each participant needs, instead of a predefined topic. The ITI gives you the skills to work on any topic in your life where you are struggling.  

Here are some of the topics that we have worked on with past ITI participants: body image, sexual shame, direction in life, connecting to their masculinity or femininity, learning how to trust people more, overcoming Mr. Nice Guy, getting in touch with their emotions, cultivating lucidity among their emotions, learning how to set boundaries, how to develop their sexuality (orgasms and ejaculation control), stepping out of people pleasing, learning how to detect and respect others boundaries, have more harmonious relationships, prepare for having a child, their relationship with money, learn how to have more harmonious and effective communication, finding their purpose, learning how to surrender, dealing with their fear, inhibitions, self doubt and inner critic, and much more.

Also, part of the prep work that you do before the program starts is to fill out an extensive questionnaire, so that we can get some insights into the different areas of your life. Another part of the prep work is sending out questions and questionnaires to different people in your life. Some are acquaintances and others are more extensive to send to people who really know you well. This gives us some insight on what you are like outside of how you show up in the group.
You are welcome to contact me and share what you want to work on and we can explore together if the ITI is a good fit for you. You can find my contact information here. 

Structure of the program

It is called an ‘Intensive’ for a good reason. You will not have much free time. We pack a lot into the four weeks that we have together. It is best if you fully commit yourself to the program. You have days off, but they are not always spaced one week apart, as we have a 10 day retreat in the middle of the ITI.  During those 10 days you will be off line completely. The exact dates and details are mailed to you two months prior to the program. 

You will not have much time to do your work on the side and the free time that you do have I recommend that you use it for resting, relaxing and just having space to process whatever is moving inside of you. It is best if you can clear your schedule. If you need to do some work, talk with me to see if it will be possible or compromise your experience in the ITI.


There are several rituals that people are assigned to do at home with their partner. It is up to you if it is important for you to do these rituals or not. Some people have joined the ITI single because they were mostly interested in the other aspects of the program. Others have joined single and met someone who was in the program or joined another couple for the rituals. It is your choice to evaluate your priorities and preferences when it comes to engaging with the sexual rituals.

If you have a partner, they do not have to be in the program. It is enough for them to be close to support you in the love making rituals that you do at home. 

Yes, there is nudity. And that doesn’t mean that you have to be naked. There is an emphasis throughout the ITI for you to feel into what is right and best for you in each moment and honoring your own boundaries. We support you in this process.


If you are not accepted into the program, you will be refunded your money minus a processing fee ($15USD).

You will not be refunded your $100 deposit if you change your mind. This fee will have covered the time and energy went into processing your application, team meetings preparing for your interview, the interview and team meeting deciding upon your acceptance into the program.

Within two weeks of being accepted into the program, a payment of $1000 USD is required to reserve your spot in the ITI. The full payment of the program needs to be made by 1 month prior to the start of the program. You can decide how you want to make your payments within these two deadlines.

You will not be refunded your money once you have reserved your spot in the program. There are limited spaces and a careful selection process of the participants, signing up for the ITI is a commitment you make to yourself and the program.

Additional Questions

No, you do what feels best for you. We will support you in identifying, respecting, and communicating your boundaries. We may inquire into your resistance to understand where it is coming from. And while we do this, we want to also honor your resistance and this is an essential part of establishing a strong sense of self.

Logistical Details

I recommend that you get a 60 day tourist visa. This will allow you to be on the island and focused on the program and to make the most of your breaks. You can get a 30 extension, on top of your 2 months visa, if you choose to stay longer. If you want to stay in Thailand for several months, I suggest you apply for a multiple entry tourist visa.

Most passports are giving 30 days free visa upon entry (please check to confirm that you fall into this category). In addition to this, you can also get a 30 day extension. Extensions require a half day trip to Koh Samui, the neighboring island. The boat there and back is aprox 600 b. Most people rent a motor bike for 150/200 b and drive themselves to the consulate. The extension is 1900 b.

You are responsible for taking care of your own food and accommodation. The program will happen in the area of Hin Kong, which is right next to Sri Thanu and about 10 minutes from Thong Sala. If you want to be within 5 minutes of the center, you want to find a house in the Coconut Lane area. 

The program is happening during high season for the island, so I recommend booking a house sooner than later. There are several facebook groups you use to search for a house. I will send you the list of the groups in your acceptance email. If you want them before, reach out and ask. 


Houses in Sri Thanu and Hin Kong range from 10,000 – 18,000 on average for a one bedroom, WiFi, aircon. It is good to check and see if electricity is included or not. Housing is cheaper outside of these neighborhoods. For cheaper housing look closer towards Thong Sala (the main town).

We will have one period during the ITI where you will need to have a house to yourself. The length of this retreat during the ITI will depend on how many participants are in the program. If you are living with a partner or a friend, please arrange to have you own home during this time. I will send you the schedule with these dates and your days off two months prior to the program. If you need it before, please email me and let me know and I will get them to you as soon as possible.

I recommend renting a motorbike or a car during your time here. Motorbikes are the more common option. There are many rental shops all around and you can also find some on facebook. I have a couple of old bikes that I rent for 1800 b/month. If you are interested in one of those, please email me.

There is also the option for renting a bicycle. There are a few places that rent. You can also post on the Koh Phangan community facebook groups if anyone wants to rent their bicycle out. Keep in mind there will be some rain and this may not always be a great way of getting around.


Most people need to fly into Phuket or Bangkok. Some are able to fly directly to Koh Samui.


From Bangkok or Phuket, there are a couple of options depending on how much money you want to spend and how much time you want to take.


From Phuket – You can get to the island (Koh Phangan) via Lompraya ( via bus and boat. Or you can fly via Bangkok Airways to Koh Samui. Koh Samui is a 30 min boat ride from Koh Phangan. When you take a ferry from Koh Samui you want to come to the Thong Sala pier.


From Bangkok – You can then catch a domestic flight to either Surat Thani (the cheaper option) or Koh Samui. If you want to fly to Koh Samui (the faster option), Bangkok Airways ( or Thai Airways ( are the airlines that fly into Koh Samui. Koh Samui is then 30 min ferry ride to Koh Phangan. When you take a ferry from Koh Samui you want to come to the Thong Sala pier. 


If you want the cheaper options, Thai Smile ( flies from Sukabumi Airport (BKK) to Surat Thani. This is the international airport that you are likely to fly in to. 


The other cheaper options require you to go to the domestic airport Don Mueang (DMK). There is a free shuttle service that runs from 5 am to midnight. The airlines you want to use from DMK airport are Air Asia ( or Nok Air ( If you book with these airlines make sure to take care of your checked baggage when you book. You can get up to 40 kilos and for a good price. When you book through Air Asia or Nok Air you can get a joint flight/bus/boat ticket all the way to the island. Surat Thani is about 1 hr away from the pier and then it is a 2.5 hr ferry ride from the mainland to Koh Phangan.